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Tansy Flower Essence

$ 15.00

Tansy flower essence, made from first blooming tansy flowers in the the meadow, mid-July. Tansy is one of the flower essences that is not yet widely covered in literature for flower essence practitioners but, as with all wild plants and attuned essence makers, the plant itself, its shape, fragrance, habitat, energy tells us a lot about the properties of the essence. And, as always, I find that if a person feels strongly attracted to a particular flower, its essence will be healing to that person.

Tansy grows into thick, tall forests in the meadows here in Spokane and the plants have thick stalks and bloom for at least a month. These are strong, resilient, steady plants. The flowers are as if honey-green-chamomile scented firm, fuzzy buttons that start out as yellow-green and as they collect more and more energy from the sun over the course of weeks, they begin to radiate a strong yellow color. They remind me of solar panels, feeding from the sun, absorbing and charging up on energy they plan to store and use in the future. I see tansy flower essence as very beneficial for more frail individuals who may be prone to depression or lethargy if they don't spend enough time in the sun, and people who tend to be deficient in vitamin D or always crave more sun and more beach time. People who become rejuvenated by sun, sun's rays and warmth but they don't have enough of the sun's energy where they live.

For more information about how essences work, see Flower and Gem Essence FAQ.

Water, gluten-free brandy (from grapes; a preservative), infusion of wild grown Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare). Alcohol 22% by volume.

Shake the bottle before each use. Take 2-3 drops at a time onto the tongue or mixed with water 3-4 times a day between meals and not with herbs or coffee.

Store away from sun exposure, excessive heat, not in the fridge or freezer, and away from strongly scented substances.

Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use.

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