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I am Ava Zhan. 

I founded Earthwise Beauty over a decade ago setting out to make unique, no-fillers, powerful skin care products for the modern woman. Our formulas, each oftentimes a year or longer in the making, are made from unrefined, unprocessed fair-trade ingredients: unrefined botanical oils and butters, traditionally prepared herbs, and therapeutic-grade essential oils and absolutes. Our products are painstakingly handcrafted in small batches to imbue them in that lovingly-handcrafted energy. 

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I have been using EWB almost exclusively for two weeks and I can already see that my skin is less dry and less dehydrated. It is amazing. I was at my wits end about my dry skin and I was convinced that oils were just making the dehydration worse. I'm not sure why but something made me want to give Ava’s products a try, and I am so happy that I did! I'm not sure how, but Ava’s products feel so gentle yet powerful and natural at the same time. You know something is good when it makes you feel like your body (or in this case, skin) healed itself on its own. I look forward to seeing the long term results. Also, the products feel and smell so fresh. I don't know how or what makes me feel that way, but when I'm using Ava’s products, I feel like you just whipped up this batch, just for me. In my own kitchen. That's how fresh it feels. Incredible!


After using your magic products I'm glad to give you a feedback. Every single product I ordered is fantastic. After a few days my skin was looking better and better. The breakouts and congestions went back and my skin turned out fantastic. I was so surprised and happy to see such great and rapid improvements. Your skincare was a salvation. Thank you very much for creating such wonderful and magic "potions". My new and simple skincare routine is making me really happy. I'm looking foreward to order more products.

-Raffaella, Switzerland

This is a brand I can't give enough love to and recommend enough. No hype, no frills, no fancy marketing lingo and overly-edited images of beautiful people luring you in. Just beautiful, highly potent, highly effective skincare. I can quite literally feel the care and love that has gone into creating each product every time I open a new package.



I absolutely loved the samples, that much that I would really love to perform a signature facial based entirely on your products in my salon. I loved how your products smelt and felt on my skin. I was heartbroken when I ran out. They helped my skin by hydrating and making it glow and I didn't get any reactions from any of the products.

-Krystle Flower, Inner Goddess Spa owner, Victoria, Australia


In the past I've had trouble sticking to skincare regimens which always seemed like a chore. Using your products, on the other hand, is a multi-sensory delight. I now look forward to my twice daily ritual. It feels like self-care of a very real and grounded quality.


LOVE! I have so much love for this brand. Ava, the founder of Earthwise Beauty is so knowledgeable (I dare you to read her product descriptions) and is just a beautiful person, inside and out. She clearly knows what she is doing, is all I have to say

-Jana, Small Bits of Loveliness


Wow! This stuff is great. I never thought that my 47 year old, combination and acne prone skin could feel so good. The texture of my skin has improved dramatically. I agree with another reviewer who said.... It's so silky- it goes on beautifully and absorbs into my skin quickly



Each time I apply Nap In the Meadow, I close my eyes and visualize what your backyard looks like, and for some reason I always imagine you being surrounded by pine trees. I literally feel transported and connected with the energy of lush green alpine forests, the energy of nature is so strong and it makes me happy.



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