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Photo: FG Trade Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Love Letters

Ava is a bonafide genius . . . when you experience Earthwise Beauty products, you KNOW that the formulator is someone who has a very deep understanding of the raw materials as well as the expertise (and genius) to synergistically combine them to create products that are so beautiful and effective, feeding both the skin and the soul. 

I’ve been using Earthwise Beauty for years now and I’ve recommended them to friends and family time and time again, because Earthwise Beauty’s products actually work. I know that I can trust Earthwise Beauty—and I know they will never compromise on ethics or quality . . . You can literally see and smell how fresh their products are. I also love that they care about the earth and their commitment to sustainability.

I only discovered your brand a few weeks ago but I am in love with and borderline obsessed with it! The synchronicity of the ingredients is amazing. The results are stunning. The names and smells are nourishing and intriguing. Love the amount of thought and care that you pour into the whole process.

I truly am not sure that I've even been happier with my skin than I am right now after making Earthwise Beauty a foundation of my routine. I have completely fallen in love with this brand. I really consider Ava to be a keeper of a particular kind of extremely valuable plant wisdom, knowledge, healing, [and] beauty. I’ve become so turned off by so many eco brands lately because I keep having this experience of products being irresponsibly formulated to meet marketing criteria, or to approximate conventional skincare, and that’s just not what attracted me to eco beauty in the first place. Earthwise Beauty gets it. I’m floored. Thank you.

I recently had the pleasure of dabbling with your testers . . . Congratulations on such an amazing range of products. They are so different from anything I have experienced. Refined, potent herbal alchemy. I am rarely impressed but your products are next level. You truly are a witch or a high priestess (meant in the nicest possible way).

WOW! So I've been using everything for about 2 weeks, just playing, mixing . . . and wow, wow, wow, I feel as though my skin is alive for the first time ever. I feel my skin being nourished, and I can absolutely feel the energetics of the plants. Basically I am in LOVE! You have truly magical products, I cannot wait to try more. 

There are people who not only formulate amazing cosmetic products, but make art out of them. Isadora [Face Balm] is like a poem, a song, a painting in a museum... And, like any work of art, it does not end with its creator, but rather with the person who receives it, interprets it, and lives it. Ava has that ability to make art with her products, to bring them into the world with a soul that grows and matures in each person who receives them.

One of the most effective non-toxic lines on the market. I’m a green beauty convert for almost six years now and have tried most things on the market. I stumbled across this line on another online store and bought the Ferns and Moss serum just to try. I’ve been battling hormonal acne and eczema for the last two years and this has made such a difference on my skin. The masks are supercharged and just about everything else is fantastic.

I have spent (wasted) so much money on things for my acne in hopes that [they would] do the trick, but your products actually do work! The time, energy, and money I save from something that works is truly priceless. Not to mention the grounding and vibrant energies I receive when using Earthwise products . . . I really can't get enough, keep up the good work.

The Earthwise Beauty line has very nice energy .... so honest, gentle, clean, fresh, and [the products] have the strength or power of nature in them. [A] very, very different feeling from other brands. I am happy to imagine that I absorb that energy by using the serum, moisturizer, and so on.

One of my favorite brands; I have several favorites from them that hold a special place in my skincare collection. Ava has a really deep, profound, rooted knowledge in herbal healing as well as aromatherapy. Everything she creates is small-batch and unrefined, [from] plant-based ingredients.

Do you ever look at your masks and [wonder] what personalities they would be like? Imhotep and Sungod [are] the indie darlings, secret flower children and well-versed herbalists. The ladies who are in tune with what they want...are green beauty enthusiasts, and enjoy an indie movie on a night in. Those that are dedicated to finding the ultimate indie brand to support and love with the benefit of amazing skin and beautiful results.

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