Love Letters

  • Earthwise Beauty is a beautifully well-rounded brand and formulated with the utmost attention to every aspect of the product. You can be assured that when you purchase their products you are receiving goods from some of the highest standards in the beauty industry.


  • These amazing potions that Ava creates are like no other. Unlike other skin care products that just sit on the skin, these truly feel like they have an energy that is absorbed and nourishes. I would suggest to anyone, order some sample sizes and experience this for yourself. The textures and aromas are so soothing to the skin and the soul. The simple ritual of washing and moisturizing the face has become a yearned-for pleasure. There is something for all skin types and for all seasons. I can’t imagine using anything else now. Don’t ever stop creating Ava. You possess magical qualities.


  • I’m a yuuuge fan of Earthwise Beauty... There’s not a single thing in any of Earthwise’s products that isn’t botanical or food-grade pure, and they really *work.*


  • An amazing, trustworthy brand. The results I’ve seen were ridiculously quick and impressive. I do like to wait to give products time to do their thing, normally a minimum of one month, yet I was seeing results almost immediately within the first week. With integrating these products into my routine in the past month, my oily issue has been alleviated, my skin even more hydrated, and skin texture improved even more.


  • All of Earthwise Beauty’s creations are beyond exquisite. Based on all the formulations, you can clearly tell the creator has an intricate understanding of each ingredient and how it performs in the formulations. The ingredients are not only responsibly sourced (fair trade), but also carefully chosen based on extraction type. One thing I most respect is the complete explanation and disclosure of ingredients including source and extraction method. Hard to find this level of transparency.


  • Each product i'm holding in my hand (after taking it out from the fridge, of course) is made personally for me by you. That's the feeling I have and honestly never had before. That is where the healing and the treatment begin.