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I am Ava Zhan. 

I founded Earthwise Beauty over a decade ago setting out to make unique, no-fillers, powerful skin care products for the modern woman. Our formulas, each oftentimes a year or longer in the making, are made from unrefined, unprocessed fair-trade ingredients: unrefined botanical oils and butters, traditionally prepared herbs, and therapeutic-grade essential oils and absolutes. Our products are painstakingly handcrafted in small batches to imbue them in that lovingly-handcrafted energy. 

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Love Letters

I have been cleansing with clay mixed with cleansing grains lately, and seeing amazing results. I was going to order more clay, but have a great interest in this new product of yours [Catharsis]. I will order tomorrow! I think your Ferns and Moss has helped to eradicate that thing on my face diagnosed as a Seborrheic Keratosis! The change in this skin growth is amazing, Ava!


Ava, Earthwise Beauty HBIC/magician, is a miracle worker, and she’s so in tune with nature’s healing properties that I wouldn’t be surprised if she discovered the cure for cancer. She is amazing and her skincare line is truly something else.

-Sunny, Vegan Beauty Review

I swear Ava creates the most luxurious, multi-layered oils. I feel like there is so much depth within her products, which is something I have never felt before in any other brand.

-Andie the Green Queen


I am constantly in awe of Ava, the founder’s, creative blend of carefully selected and sourced ingredients and the passion and thought she puts behind each product. The packaging and product names are fun and quirky, yet the ingredients luxurious and outstanding.

-Andrea (Organic Beauty Lover)


Earthwise Beauty is really amazing. As a formulator myself i can tell you this line is unparalleled in the luxury and purity and efficacy of ingredients.


The pure quality and originality of the ingredients in Earthwise Beauty products put it a step above most other green skincare brands out there. Plus, they all smell like a magical unicorn garden.



I love how real and authentic you are about your NEED to create via feel and vibrations. You products are so unique and stunning in every sense of the word.



If you're living under a rock and haven't tried Earthwise Beauty, then get it together. They're the BEST!



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