Love Letters

  • Ava is a bonafide genius . . . when you experience Earthwise Beauty products, you KNOW that the formulator is someone who has a very deep understanding of the raw materials as well as the expertise (and genius) to synergistically combine them to create products that are so beautiful and effective, feeding both the skin and the soul. 


  • I’ve been using Earthwise Beauty for years now and I’ve recommended them to friends and family time and time again, because Earthwise Beauty’s products actually work. I know that I can trust Earthwise Beauty—and I know they will never compromise on ethics or quality . . . You can literally see and smell how fresh their products are. I also love that they care about the earth and their commitment to sustainability.


  • I’ve recently tried a few of your items and I can immediately tell the amount of passion, love, care, truth, [and] quality in these bottles! [The] formulas are so sophisticated, made to work, and so effective! I love the unhyped marketing, transparent branding, real raw and effective ingredients, [and] holistic approach to our skin . . . I love EVERYTHING about your products and brand. I am now tossing all my other products, ordering full sizes of yours, and giving Earthwise Beauty 100% of my trust!


  • I just had to write to say how much I am loving your products . . . The cleanser is already my favorite. I was impressed by the toner upon my first use. I am blown away by how the serum and oil absorb! It’s as if my skin is finally being given a drink of something it has needed for so long, that it just soaks it up immediately. [I] have been continually impressed by the level of detail, knowledge, and passion that Ava puts into these beautiful products.


  • I have spent years researching clean skincare and ingredients. I have combed through the ingredients lists of so many different companies and there’s always at least one thing that is suspect, that I think could aggravate my sensitive skin. Your formulas hit the check marks in every way. I haven’t found another brand like yours, which is why everything I use, from cleanser to toner to serum to moisturizer, is EWB!

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  • I only discovered your brand a few weeks ago but I am in love with and borderline obsessed with it! The synchronicity of the ingredients is amazing. The results are stunning. The names and smells are nourishing and intriguing. Love the amount of thought and care that you pour into the whole process.