Interviewed by Australian Blogger Create.Love.Heal March 17 2016

I felt rather shy when Brigid, active, passionate, smart blogger from the tight circle of green beauty bloggers, asked me if I could do an interview with her for her blog. I am not exactly a celebrity, and the general public's interest in my insider knowledge about the indie beauty niche and my philosophy is still relatively new. (Now all of a sudden young women want to talk babassu oil, carnauba wax, and calendula CO2, but that was not the case when I was already obsessed, like 12 years ago.)

Bridget Sandell

I could not refuse because I have a lot of respect for Brigid who devotes tremendous energy and time to supporting women around the world via Instagram and her blog (that is the slice of her activity I am able to glimpse from the vantage point of United States): conflicted mothers-career women, women lacking confidence in their beauty, women who feel guilty about their past, women who feel weak.

She tells these women: wear red lipstick, take a selfie and show it off to the world, take the time to journal, take care to heal yourself (whether it is hyperpigmentation or emotional wounds), put on some pink blush, wear a dress, go and buy yourself quality organic beauty products, go work out. This may sound simplistic or funny (I often laugh out loud after reading her posts because of the dynamic combination of her brains, heart, and her love for skin care products-but, mind you, not just any  products but ones that heal on every level, from the physical to metaphysical). 

Here is one snippet of what she wrote about Ferns and Moss Face Serum:

Ferns and Moss takes me places, hard to explain, but somewhere back to true African desert where some form of ritual is taking place. Applying Ferns and Moss is part of that where awareness of the earth healing you is at its highest, and you become one with the earth.

She is also a poet, you see.

Here comes the interview, now published on Brigid's blog, where she covers ingredients sourcing, formulating uniquely, and environmental sustainability, among other topics: