Guest Blogger: the Radiant Brigid from Create.Love.Heal April 21 2016

Brigid Sandell, the Australian blogger behind Create.Love.Heal, whose posts on Instagram I have been following avidly for a long while, covers a few topics close to her heart: sorting out ghosts of the past, finding quality green alternatives among cosmetics and personal care products, securing spaces for contemplation, reflection, self-care, self-knowledge in a busy day as a woman, mother, wife, and professional.

While many thoughtful, responsible women I come into contact with struggle with generalized guilt over their purchases in the domain of beauty products, it seemed to me that Brigid embraced such products in an entirely different way: as something essential, necessary, something performing an important function in her life. So I had to ask her the following question: What is the role of beauty products in a contemporary woman's life? Is there anything beyond vanity to this common, irresistible pull?

Here comes Brigid's answer: 

To be a woman in this modern society is to be many things: a career-driven woman, a mother and all of the endless duties associated, a partner, a daughter, sister, a provider, a presence in the community. These are identities that consume us. There is pressure today to be the best at each of these professions, and, yes, I think social pressure has left little room for failure, and each role we possess is viewed as a job.

We are exposed to much more ongoing pressure from outside sources, such a social media, financial constraints, and open competition between women, that our perception of our own expectations are demented. Our idea of who we are and what we must achieve is heavy with burden and saturated with the risk of failure. 

It is time to stop and look in the mirror; appreciate all that you are, all that you are worth, and grant yourself the pleasure of no pressure. No pressure to love anyone but yourself in this moment, no pressure to be anyone but yourself right now, no pressure to fulfill chores or deadlines or be anywhere but right here with yourself.

Self-love and care is the cornerstone for self-worth and peace. It enables us to identify our boundaries and enforce them in our lives. When we do this we infiltrate little pieces of happiness throughout our daily schedules which blossom in moments of laughter, happiness, and self-awareness. 

Self-awareness lifts the heaviness of the daily grind. It enlightens us with the knowledge of our inner beings, what we need, deserve, and want in order to remain balanced.

One of these important components is taking the time to invest in the one thing we see every single day, the one thing we analyse and feel compelled to cover up on occasion. Our skin. 

What is your skin self-care ritual? 

This is something we do daily, a moment in time to invest all of our energy into. We are so blessed to have an abundance of nontoxic skincare products to choose from. There really is no point in denying ourselves such indulgences when every woman cares enough about herself to rub a little something on her face each day. 

Let it be an experience every single time. Let there be life and energy to serve us for the day ahead, or the day that has been.

The ingredients that comprise amazing nontoxic skincare are alive, they reek of natural life forms that invigorate and heighten all senses, stimulating our souls' core and lighting the fire in our belly, which evokes love for oneself, endlessly.

This is what a few minutes of self-love each morning and night can achieve, a sense of worth and presence. This is what we should strive for and expect not only from our skincare, but from ourselves. 

Imagine feeling cared for, pampered, and nourished every single day. Imagine giving yourself that gift every single day. What an act of true love.

With the pressures that surround us, the unrealistic expectations to push on and stay afloat, hiding our disappointments or our stress, let us give a little back into that inner goddess. Let us build her up to be brave enough to step back and change her own self-expectations in order to incorporate love and self-worth.

Something as simple as a skincare routine can serve us in this way. Be excited by the process, not burdened by the time it takes or the expense it brings. It doesn't have to be a difficult process. It just has to be fed with love. Suddenly you won't know life without that little outpouring of self-love each day, and you won't ever take You for granted again.

Value yourself and your time enough to be in these small moments each day. Because they serve you in deeper ways that just better cellular appearance on your face and body. They fuel the soul and lift the spirit. These acts of love invigorate your mind and fill your heart with abundance and love so you can serve in your other duties with more presence and centered energy.

Grant yourself these moments in your day, and let it enrich each moment of the the day that follows. Rejuvenate your mind, your skin, and your soul. It begins with care for yourself, enough to choose wisely with your beauty routine both in product and time. Love yourself and radiate from within.