New Eye or Face Serum Development (Ava Way)

New Eye or Face Serum Development (Ava Way)

I set out to create a new lightweight yet not oil-free eye cream-gel, which may end up being eye and face serum depending how things go.

My goal is to achieve a satin feel to the finished product, for a pronounced smoothing and softening effect, yet without any heavy or hard to spread butters or waxes, and no sticky feel. It will be a vegan, cold-process product.

Version I, Round I, contains the thick green manketti mongongo oil, black acai oil, green coffee oil, and licorice, among others. No scent yet. It absorbs instantly, hydrates well but feels a tad sticky an smells rather overly vegetabley.

Version II also contains the eye area champions, green coffee oil, calendula, licorice, and edelweiss plus my current favorite oil, brazil nut, among a few others. Well, Moroccan blue chamomile (also known as blue tansy) that I added for soothing, anti-redness qualities overpowers the formula with its scent and dark blue color, but otherwise the formula shows some promise.

I will keep you posted on further development. Scent, name, final percentage of oils undecided.

Votes for essential oil or absolute based scent ideas welcome.