Contemplating, as I Make a New Batch of Carrot-a-Day February 24 2015 1 Comment

Carrot a Day Face and Eye Serum Earthwise Beauty

Today my Carrot-a-Day Face and Eye Serum making process was meditative, and this delicate shot seems to reflect that feeling.

I have been making this serum by hand, in a ceramic bowl, for over 10 years now, and, like those nuns (or was it monks?) in France I read about, who make bread for 20, 30 years, with passion and new ideas for improvements from time to time, and never complaining of boredom, I too, the humble servant of real women who take care of themselves, respect and replenish themselves, in the small ways of a morning and evening lotions-and-potions time, don't mind the repetition.

Ideas for improvements do occur periodically, but for me the process is slow. While I am highly receptive to Jen's sound research and will gladly consider a new Ecocert preservative, what I mean by my own ideas for enhancements and revisions, these need to occur naturally, because only then will they allow the product to retain its personality. 

I view the carrot seed serum as the hard-core skin healer that revitalizes, diminishes brown spots, helps acne (beta-carotene) and has a touch of anti-inflammatory action for all the undesirable redness in our skin (for which I have recently added Corsican helichrysum to the recipe). The scent to be honest is not sensational (although it now, finally, has a balance to it; it is a grounding, centering helichrysum-blue chamomile-spearmint scent), and the color rather blueish-greenish, but it has been reported responsible for some amazing makeovers, the biggest one yet I witnessed first hand in my former housekeeper (who stopped by today) with a minimum budget for fancy skin care products.

Her severely dry, sun damaged, neglected, and chronically brown-spotted skin now looks 10 years younger, brighter, and all of a sudden firm. Her current routine: Carrot-a-Day Serum twice a day, Marshmallow Suds Wash, and she is now adding Marigold Fields Moisturizer for the night. When budget allows, she also gets the Black Tea SPF 20+ for the daytime.

So today I think of her; I think of each person I have made this product for. Some of you have faces. Some of you are a little more black and white: names on shipping labels that pop in like old friends for tea every few months. But I love to imagine your womanly, real, earthy-beauty faces, the time and care you give yourselves each time you apply what I have made in my ceramic bowl.