Creating Tangerine Skies Facial Oil

Creating Tangerine Skies Facial Oil

It took me four months this time to get this new product to a place where I would be ready to share it with others. I could have an amazing idea for a potion I think my customers would need and want, and then, as I start mixing the ingredients, things often do not go as smoothly as I would have liked. 

Sometimes, a few wonderful and, frankly, very expensive, ingredients add up to a shine-inducing, oily something that takes forever to absorb. There are also those times that ingredients that should moisturize don't, or moisturize for only three to five hours, and that is not good enough for me either. Then there are the (more infrequent) times when I test a gently processed plant-originated ingredient sold by a high-end ECOCERT cosmetics supplier only to discover that it causes me (the first tester) burn and crazy redness. 

After each test round, I ponder, and ponder, and research some more, and then a new idea for an adjustment eventually strikes. Or, sometimes, I end up with an invention that may not be what I set out to make but somehow it works together as a new idea: the properties, the color, the scent make a coherent whole. 

That was the case with Tangerine Skies. I set out to make a facial oil for redness-prone skin, particularly with eczema or rosacea. The end result, a bold orange oil with a soft, nonoily feel and an interesting melissa-tangerine-coconut scent, is a universal (for all skin types and all seasons) lastingly moisturizing, nourishing, "vitaminizing," and pampering oil whose secret is a broad-spectrum antioxidant blend from virgin (first-press), completely unrefined organic plant oils. The aromatherapy effect is mood uplifting, stress reducing, smile-inducing, and anti-anxiety.

Go ahead and look it up among my products.