End-of-Winter Resurfacing Skin Care Routine March 15 2017

Blackstrap Molasses Face Mask

After a long, snowy winter for us here in Washington, we are beginning to see signs of spring. My ultra-dry winter skin, from all the indoor heating and not enough fresh juicy vegetables, is naturally changing and, miraculously, showing less dryness. The stronger, sharper sunlight on one hand makes me happy in anticipation of green meadows and wildflowers, and on the other hand remind me that this is a very good time to exfoliate the skin in preparation for spring and summer.

As you may be able to tell from browsing our product descriptions and, especially, after trying our products, I am not a huge proponent of ongoing resurfacing, as I believe that our skin stays the healthiest and youngest with the natural protective mantle intact if we support it with potent nutrition internally and externally, and resurface only periodically, such as with a weekly (well, maybe biweekly) facial scrub or mask left on for no longer than 30 minutes. 

But if you have not attended to regular exfoliation for one reason or another throughout winter, and have sun spots, scars, or you have a feeling that the top layer of the skin just does not feel fresh and able to breathe freely, then the end of winter is a perfect time for a week or two-week long resurfacing course of treatment, before sun rays get very intense (for many of us, depending where you live), as some people are very prone to brown spotting on the freshly revealed skin.

Here are a few products to consider for the resurfacing treatment: 

Blackstrap Molasses Face Mask:

  • Detoxifies and removes and heals scars with the Hungarian Moor mud

  • Removes brown spots and improves scars new and even old with carrot seed oil

  • Removes buildup, discolorations, and firms with active vitamin C

  • Rejuvenates and nourishes with geranium oil

  • Firms, tones, beautifies in every way with a generous dose of authentic Damask rose hydrosol

We normally recommend using this mask regularly once to twice a week, but if you are doing a resurfacing treatment, you could use this mask every other or third day for a week or two and observe the progress: if the resurfacing is too intense, use the mask less frequently and leave it on for a shorter period of time. Feel free to mist your face periodically with a quality hydrosol while you have the mask on to prevent it from fully drying, making it easier to remove at the end.  

Nap in the Meadow Facial Serum:

  • Exfoliates slowly over time and promotes skin cell renewal with highest quality French lavender

  • Removes brown spots, heals scars, and promotes firm, vibrant even complexion with Italian helichrysum

  • Heals acne, scars, even wounds with galbanum and Brazilian copaiba balsam

  • All the above while soothing and hydrating with the many other ingredients such as yarrow and blue chamomile oils

Many customers like to use Nap in the Meadow twice a day as the first hydrating step after washing and optionally misting the face. Use a more generous amount if your skin tolerates it well, while more sensitive skin types usually do well with a single pump or two mixed with a favorite moisturizer or facial oil. 

Carrot-a-Day Face and Eye Serum (Classic or Sensitive):

  • More carrot seed oil for skin cell renewal, firmness, and scar and spot reduction

  • More helichrysum

The amount of carrot seed oil in this product is relatively high (quite a bit higher than in Blackstrap Molasses Mask and in a product that you leave on) and it serves as an amazing compliment to the set of ingredients in Nap in the Meadow. Many customers alternate or layer both of these aloe-based serums on a daily or twice-daily basis.

Ambrosia Del Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer and Toner:

  • Buriti palm oil is excellent for sun damage, sun spots, and scars, and it promotes a very supple skin

  • Pequi oil for a high dose of natural vitamin C and more betacarotenes

Ambrosia del Cerrado does not promote resurfacing at a fast pace but I love to include it because it benefits all skin types and promotes skin tissue renewal, only more gradually. Most customers use Nap in the Meadow layered or alternating with either Carrot-a-Day or Ambrosia del Cerrado, and then they top this lightweight layer with a facial oil, rich moisturizer, or a balm. 

One example is Tangerine Skies Facial Oil, which will make a contribution toward the gentle yet steady exfoliation and resurfacing efforts thanks to its betacarotene-rich virgin red palm oil (orangutan habitat safe) while adding brightness and promoting firmness. 

Also consider adding just maybe two drops of a flower essence to your mask or an aloe-based serum. Calendula Flower Essence promotes healing on all levels, Red Clover Flower Essence serves as a nutrient boost, Wild Rose Essence enhances beauty and is lightly astringent and firming, and Yarrow Essence enhances protection from environmental factors. 

Feel free to add any of our other products to your morning or evening routine even while you are doing the resurfacing treatment, as none of the others will cancel the effects of the above ritual. 

Wishing you all the best.