Learning to Love my Skin with Earthwise Beauty

Learning to Love my Skin with Earthwise Beauty

This blog post was written by Shannon, an Earthwise Beauty customer since February 2016. From following Shannon on Instagram, we knew she had taken the time to read on most loved and highly regarded green beauty skin care lines and has purchased and put to test many just beautiful, well crafted, superbly designed skin care lines. We asked her how she views Earthwise Beauty products among her other options, and why she comes back for more. 


From a young age, I viewed my skin as an enemy to be conquered. From the seemingly endless occurrence of random rashes throughout my early life, to the acne-riddled ravages of hormones in my teens, I endlessly wondered what was wrong with me. Was my skin malfunctioning somehow? I set out to “fix” this perceived error, bombarding my skin with every prescription medication, drugstore cream, and ‘miracle’ 3-step treatment program that I could get my hands on. Not too surprisingly, none of these approaches provided the ‘cure’ that I was so desperately searching for, and, ultimately, did far more harm than good. I had fallen into a dangerous cycle with my skin, aggressively attacking each new imperfection with harsh chemicals, to little avail, while the emotional stress only led to further physical disharmony.

It was time for a change. Upon entering college, I was exposed to new ways of thinking, my beliefs challenged and my perspective broadened. I began trying natural skincare products, from popular green beauty companies to small Etsy-based businesses alike, motivated by the desire to eliminate harmful chemicals from my routine. I began reading ingredient lists, researching each ingredient to determine its purpose in a formula, and avoiding those with adverse effects. I discovered a plethora of plant-based ingredients, each with its own array of skin-healing properties. Once I got my hands on some of these ingredients, I began creating my own formulations; salves, oils, toners - the possibilities were endless!

Upon taking a course in herbalism during my senior year in college, I was introduced to the pure, unadulterated, healing potential of nature. I learned about the benefits of herbs and oils in self-care, and the balancing effects that herbs can have on the body as a whole. I thought, “What if I treated my skin with compassion instead of aggression; with patience in the place of frustration?”. Adopting a more holistic approach to health, I realized that my body had been sending me messages in the form of maladies - my symptoms a reflection of imbalances within. In addition to employing herbal remedies to heal these inner imbalances, it was around this time that I discovered Earthwise Beauty and experienced skincare in its most natural, raw, and undeniably powerful form.

What originally drew me to Earthwise Beauty was simple; as someone who knows a thing or two about ingredients, theirs were of a higher caliber both in originality and quality than any I had seen in the natural beauty world. I remember first browsing through the website, impressed by the page-long descriptions that accompanied each Earthwise product. Each description tells a story of the inspiration and intent behind the products, educating customers about the benefits of their ingredients, and demonstrating the pure passion that fuels each creation. The ingredients of the products work synergistically to soothe and heal the skin at the deepest levels, aiding in cell regeneration, reducing inflammation, and encouraging balance.

When selecting ingredients for new products, ethical sourcing and superior potency are among Earthwise’s highest priorities. Their goal is to capture each ingredient in its most robust, unadulterated, and therapeutic form for maximum healing potential. I was introduced to exotic ingredients, such as the restorative Amazonian andiroba oil in Ferns and Moss face serum, the soothing Brazilian babassu oil in Magical Babassu facial oil, and the earthy Hungarian Moor mud in Blackstrap Molasses face mask. It is with this level of ingredient sourcing that Ava, the creative mastermind and skin guru behind Earthwise Beauty, demonstrates the company’s commitment to hard-core healing - a term that they have used to refer to themselves, and one which I think perfectly describes their mission as a whole. Though we have never met in person, Ava has the ability to connect with her customers on a level rarely achieved in this day and age. Her eagerness to impart skin wisdom, share luscious shots of products in formulation, or just geek out about plants has forged a network of support unsurpassed in the industry.

The first product I ever tried from the Earthwise Beauty collection was their Green Leaves and Co. facial oil. While this oil is specifically formulated for acne treatment, it bears no resemblance to the harsh creams and lotions typically marketed for this purpose in the cosmetic industry. Even in the green beauty industry, most acne-targeting facial oils are composed of a generic carrier oil base with a whole bunch of tea tree oil thrown in, and not much else - far too aggressive and drying for my sensitive skin. Green Leaves diverges from the beaten path, however, boasting a soothing, antimicrobial base of pure virgin coconut and jojoba oils, and a blend of the gently healing, anti-inflammatory essential oils of rosemary, thyme, lavender, clementine, and holy basil. The cherry on top? The bright, grassy aroma of violet leaf absolute functions both as an acne-eradicating agent and a form of olfactory therapy, transporting the user to fields full of sunshine, wildflowers, and freshly mowed grass.

Earthwise Beauty products are not only a luxurious treat for the senses, but are wildly effective at easing imbalances and improving overall skin health. Green Leaves and Co. facial oil is highly successful in the treatment of hormonal acne; reducing inflammation and mitigating oil production while not being drying or overly astringent. The formulation of this oil strikes a delicate balance - one that reverberates throughout Ava’s creations - a balance between targeted treatment and gentle healing. The restoration of balance is a core principle of holistic healing, and extends not only to the physical body, but to the mental and spiritual as well. To me, Earthwise Beauty is the embodiment of holistic healing; featuring ingredients that bring the word ‘natural’ to a whole new level and formulations that work in synergy to heal the body at all levels.

The most authentic type of healing is slow - it doesn’t come in a pill bottle, and you won’t find it in a drugstore aisle - permanent healing begins by rebuilding from within. It harnesses the power of nature and encourages us to have patience for ourselves and our bodies - to love ourselves despite our imperfections. Earthwise Beauty will always hold a special place in my heart; from the superior ingredients and product effectiveness to their outstanding values and amazing customer support - it’s not much of a mystery why I’ll be a patron for life. But, above all, Earthwise Beauty has been by my side as I learn to love my skin again, to treat it with the compassion and respect it deserves, and for that, I will always be grateful.