Price Increases of January 2017: An Explanation January 26 2017

Spokane Snow

Many of you have been our customers and often advocates for our brand for years and years. (We are entering our 12th year in business!) You know that our passion and focus lies in sourcing the best, freshest, often very rare ingredients chosen for their healing benefits, but also for their energy, textures, and scents. 

We don't just press a button to order an oil from a supplier's web site, we test several suppliers before choosing a particular, unique tamanu oil for one product, a different tamanu for another product. As much as possible, we often connect directly with distillers to obtain the freshest, unfilluted, unadulterated hydrosols and essential oils with a scent from a particular terroir. 

We don't like to run with current trends but prefer to make products for you that are concentrated, deliver deeply reparative results, and that are something different, something special. We want to continue offering you products scented not just with a rose but with a Turkish or Moroccan rose absolute, pink and yellow champaca flowers, a range of frankincense resins, Haitian and Javanise vetiver, and Himalayan cedar. 

We want to continue the labor-intensive practices that are not all that feasible for a fast-paced business, such as brewing and straining herbs for our facial cleansers, gathering flowers and herbs from forests and meadows, and infusing select products with the energy of the Pacific Northwest forest surrounding us and with raw gems. And of course, we fill and package your products by hand using recycled-content cardboard boxes and starch fill peanuts.

In order to continue to maintain our focus and to pay our employees fairly, we have decided to increase prices on our products in January. The new prices will be implemented gradually and will take effect by January 31, 2017

Warmest wishes,

Ava and the team at Earthwise Beauty