Your Purpose is Beauty Podcast Hosts Our Founder Ava

Your Purpose is Beauty Podcast Hosts Our Founder Ava

Ava was recently interviewed by Mercedes Lyson on Your Purpose is Beauty, a podcast devoted to intellectual discussion about the beauty and alternative health industries, along with eco/organic, luxury, and niche beauty product reviews and critique.

Ava sat down with Mercedes to talk about her path to skincare and herbalism, some of her favorite ingredients, sustainable sourcing, flower and gem essence healing, esoteric and "high vibrational" beauty, why essential oils do have a place in skincare, and so much more.

This in-depth interview touches on some of the current topics in green beauty today, including the efficacy of traditional herbal and folk remedies, essence therapy as a safe, effective healing modality, how Ava incorporates vibrational healing into our skincare formulations, and why essential oils can be a great addition to a well-crafted formula, when they're used correctly and treated with the respect they deserve.

Since the podcast was released in July 2020, Mercedes has been receiving e-mails and comments from her listeners about their impressions. She said:

I received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on this conversation with Ava. Many people commented or wrote to me that they listened not just once or twice, but upwards of four or five times to this one episode! It seems a common sentiment that we can all sit and listen to Ava talk about plants and skincare and healing for hours. It was such a richly nourishing and inspiring conversation. Beyond learning about Ava's perspective as a skincare formulator, her inspirations, and Earthwise's trajectory, it seems the most captivating part of the interview was the discussion of flower essences. This is a healing modality so many people feel intuitively drawn to, but the logical mind often wants to understand exactly how they work in a mechanistic or causal way. Ava described flower essence therapy in a way that was empowering to a potential seeker while also preserving some inherent mystery, and it was healing just to listen to Ava describe her work in this realm. Even though many who heard the podcast already had ample experience with Earthwise skincare, many were inspired to revisit past favorites, explore Earthwise's teas, or book an essence consultation. I hope Ava will return to Your Purpose is Beauty in the future for another talk as she'll always have a captive audience.

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