Cistus and Moonlight Face Mist

Pore-minimizing and hydrating toner for all skin types

The Story

In our regular fashion, we can't just offer you a plain hydrosol for misting. We wanted something special, multifaceted, unique. Cistus ladanifer has been on Ava's radar for many years as it is considered by aromatherapists to be the very best essential oil for skin firmness, yet until recently distillers did not produce cistus (which is a variety of rock rose that grows prolifically in the wild in Spain and Portugal) essential oil, absolute, or hydrosol that smelled appealing. But all of a sudden, we tracked down an artisan distiller of wild cistus in Portugal whose samples were special. The hydrosol is floral, sweet, rich and full, honey-like, and somewhat resinous in a good way; clearly made with love and care.

The sourcing of this hydrosol is unique in that we do not buy it from a supplier web site: we buy it directly from the human being who, along with his local helpers, distills the plants. We know for sure, because he told us, that they use sickles to cut the stems and leaves of the prolific wild plants (they tried to use a trimmer machine at one time and the cistus plants hated it; they became sad and dry within minutes of harvesting). The distillation takes place in a reconstructed watermill, and they use water from the clean stream in front of it to make the hydrosol. 

After we receive a new shipment of this "Portuguese beauty water," we wait for the next full moon to infuse it under the moon overnight. The moonlight amplifies the healing properties that correspond to the yin, or feminine element. Beauty, female intuition and insight, patience, and gentleness are enhanced.  


Cistus hydrosol is recommended for reducing signs of aging, from wrinkles to lack of skin firmness, and is pore minimizing, naturally antibacterial (also anti-viral and anti-fungal), anti-acne, and nurturing, yet nondrying and extremely mild. We’ve included only minimal additions to the hydrosol in this mist to allow you to savor the scent and the cistus properties. A touch of cold-press organic whole-leaf aloe juice has been added for its skin reparative and cooling properties.

Cistus is also well-known among medical aromatherapists for its ability to staunch bleeding. We love to have this mist on hand (and a travel size in the handbag) in case one of our children has a nose bleed. It works almost instantly (saturate a napkin or a piece of paper towel and press to the nose). 


My ultimate hydrating mist . . . I love this to bits. Many mists in the green beauty market are too hydrating for me, sometimes leaving a thin film or an oily look behind. But not this! This absorbs so quickly . . . leaving behind a velvety matte feel. This mist is more than a mist to me. I feel calm and composed and ready to face the day when I use this in the mornings. Likewise, in the PM, I feel grounded when I apply this after cleansing. The gem and flower essences used in this mist must definitely be working on me, which is why I feel calm, composed, and grounded.

– Shradda Shirodkar of


Energetic Impact 

This mist is enriched with several medicinally prepared gem and flower essences, effectively turning it into an aura mist (aura mists are sprayed a few times a day above one's head for emotional and spiritual benefits).

Rainbow moonstone gem essence: regulates hormones and mood swings, recommended especially for women and for mothers; strongly enhances a woman's yin qualities, especially receptivity and patience. Softens harsher moods. On a physical level, moonstone essence is used for premenstrual and menstrual tension. 

Mangano calcite gem essence: a unique heart-comforting essence for healing a painful past and emotional wounds. Makes one feel safe and loved in the present, no matter what the past was. 

Clear quartz gem essence: clears old, toxic, stale, unhealthy energies. Lifts fatigue and lethargy. Clears the head. Quartz amplifies natural medicines and makes them potent for longer periods of time.

Alaskan monkshood flower essence: an invaluable essence for people who are shy, reclusive, fearful, anxious, or feeling emotionally weak, small, or vulnerable. Monkshood helps one maintain clear energetic boundaries and eases fears, including irrational fears. Promotes acceptance of one's introverted side. 

Pacific Northwest pink phlox flower essence: enhances one's innate gentleness and sweetness, helps one achieve quiet, lightness, and softening, and promotes blissful sleep. 

If you have strong resonance with the above essences, seek them out in addition as flower and gem essences for internal use.

Limited Edition: Cistus Mist + Quartz

We have just sourced a few beautiful specimens of quality clear Lemurian quartz that we are making available for purchase alongside a bottle of the Cistus and Moonlight Mist. Pick the one that is calling to you the loudest, we photographed each one for you. The shape of each of these crystals is natural, with mini wands pointing outward from the matrix. These are untreated, natural gems for healing that we purified in Celtic salt.

Clear quartz is often used in spaces of rest and sleep; it promotes mental relaxation and peace of mind. It is a healing crystal that benefits everyone as it promotes healing by realigning our chakras. When placed near herbal medicines, healing teas, and natural skin care products, it is said to charge them, rendering them their most potent and active. The Lemurian is one variety of clear quartz with fine horizontal grooves on wand sections, and according to legend, this type of quartz was left behind by the Lemurian civilization to pass on their knowledge and wisdom to us. 

Skin Types

For all skin types. Noncomedogenic. Nonphotosensitizing.


Cistus ladanifer (rock rose) hydrosol* or † (Portugal), cold-press whole-leaf Aloe barabensis juice*, Cistus ladanifer (rock rose) essential oil†, potassium sorbate (natural food-grade preservative), wild Aconitum delphinifolium (monkshood) flower essence, wild Phlox longifolia (pink phlox) flower essence, rainbow moonstone gem essence, mangano calcite gem essence, clear quartz gem essence.

*Certified organic. †Responsibly wildcrafted.

Aloe certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) for purity and content.

Certified cruelty free, vegan, handcrafted, small batch.


Mist over freshly cleansed skin morning and night, then follow with your moisturizer of choice. Alternately, the mist may be applied on a cotton round for wiping the face to lightly cleanse and refresh. If you would like to attune to the vibrational healing elements from the flower and gem essences, spray above your head 3 to 4 times a day and meditate for a moment, if time allows. Shake periodically to remix. Store away from direct light exposure.

Freshness guaranteed for 6 months. Full size 3.4 fl. oz. (100 ml); travel/sample size 0.5 fl oz (15 ml).

Due to the very high cost of our ingredients and the labor-intensive (highly time consuming) small-batch production process, we are unable to accept returns of opened or unopened products at this time. But most products have a sample size option for purchase, so we encourage you to buy a sample first to ensure that the product suits your skin's needs and that you enjoy the texture, fragrance, and healing properties. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amazing product

Love how moisturizing this product is. Really helps the Ruby serum (another standout product) sink into my skin.

Wondeful mist

I've only been using this lovely mist for under a week but it's already made a big difference to how my other products absorb. Before this I was using Josh Rosebrooks hydrating accelerator. I use Cistus and Moonlight face mist in different ways depending on my mood (sometimes I mist because i love the scent). However, I've found it to be fantastic just before/just after a face oil to lock in moisture. My new favourite use is just before I apply tinted moisturiser or foundation I spray a few times and apply my products whilst my face is still damp from the mist. It also works if I mist a brush or blender to apply my make up. I then use it to set make up afterwards. My make up goes on SO much better and stays put for longer when I do this. I didn't know I would use it for this purpose when I initially purchased it but I'm so glad I did. Will definitely continue to purchase this.


This is a truly unique take on a toner. The scent is unlike anything I’ve experienced before & it feels cleansing on multiple levels. I love that you infuse it with Quartz I think that adds something very special to the finished product. I look forward to this mist every morning & night.

My favorite toning mist

I’ve always loved toning mists, but am fussy about scents. This toner stands out as having a refreshing coverage without stickiness, and a distictive but IMO not overly cloying scent of honey/meadow. It smells warm rather
than sweet. I think I am doomed to constantly reorder this one! I actually ration it to only the evening to stretch it out. Otherwise I would be blasted my face with it every few hours.

Lovely fragrance

I bought a 7.5ml sample of Cistus and Moonlight mist during Ava's recent rebranding sale.
For reference I'm in my mid-thirties, with dry, dehydrated skin, living in the Midwest.I used this product throughout a cold and dry March and April. I have used mostly green beauty for the last 10 years or so but recently found myself drifting back towards the conventional skincare realm, with both Asian and American products.
I have used this a couple of times since receiving it a month ago, because I store it in the fridge and am not always willing to make the trek to my kitchen back to the bathroom and back to the kitchen again.
I remove it from the cutest little glass jar ever with a disposable pipette and use it like a hydrating toner. I will add here that I'm not a fan of misting anyway. I was happily surprised by and love the smell - it reminds me of Marie-Veronique's sunscreen which was my first ever skincare "splurge" years after I started working and finally felt like I could buy something that's not the cheapest item at CVS - and after nigh on three years of lusting after that sunscreen! So using this brings me back to that carefree and happy time and place. I bought this for the cistus hydrosol (pretty much unavailable anywhere else) and the gemstone and flower essences because I do need more calm and patience, so this does deliver. I cannot speak for the skincare effects because I doubt I use enough - but emotionally it makes me happy. And happy skin is good skin?
I may repurchase this in the future when I feel like treating myself or am going through a particularly tough time emotionally. I do wish the full size comes with the option of a pump because I do not like misting. This is definitely the star of the three EWB products I have tried so far.