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Exquisite Teas

We love drinking the highest quality, premium teas, and we have the expertise to evaluate and source or gather herbs in their nutritional and energetic peak stages. Once we figured out how to source, dry, and properly package enough tea to share with the public, we just had to do it! These teas are offered while supplies last, depending on each year's harvest and availability. If wild goldenrod in remote, yet accessible to us, unsprayed meadows is plentiful in a given year, we will have tea for you. If a trusted supplier calls to tell us that their nettles are particularly radiant and plentiful in a particular spring or fall, we will sell you loose nettle tea.

A few of our periodic offerings are high-grade artisanal caffeinated teas from China. Ava has traveled to China and her Chinese in-laws live in Hangzhou, the city whose countryside is world famous for their Long Jing (Dragon's Well) teas. Black, green, and puerh teas are considered the most important herbs in Chinese Traditional Medicine, and thanks to our trusted family purveyors, we are able to offer you some of these teas as well.