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Flower Essences

Those among you who are new to Earthwise Beauty or have not been following us on Instagram or Facebook may be surprised that a well-established luxury organic beauty brand branches out into a new territory of flower and gem essences intended mainly for internal use. But for those among you who have come into direct or indirect contact with Ava, the soul of Earthwise Beauty, this is a logical next step of growth for us as a company.

We are about a lot of things as a skin care company: we focus on formulating concentrated, highly effective, natural, organic products based on carefully researched and sourced, premium-quality fresh ingredients. Luxurious, uniquely scented with the most expensive and often rare essential oils and absolutes. But at the core is an ambitious goal to offer deep and lasting healing of not only the skin but the psyche, to achieve beauty, yes, but also to help women achieve confidence, inner calm, self-acceptance of their physical selves, and a stronger connection to our feminine wisdom.

At first, we researched flower and gem essences in order to prepare them correctly and to add them thoughtfully to some of our skin care products to enhance their healing benefits. Ava dived in seriously reading every book on the topic and undertaking flower and gem essences practitioner programs. What she learned is that flower and gem essences are a very powerful modality that is astoundingly safe. Essences can be dispensed by a practitioner who monitors progress over a longer period of time, but they can also be self-prescribed. What is key with these vibrational medicines is that they should generally be taken several times a day over a period of time, most often four to six weeks, for maximum effectiveness and for lasting effects. We recommend taking up to five essences at a time (from different bottles or as a blend), just flowers or flowers with one or two gem essences. 

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