Potent and Healing, Organic Beauty

Exquisite Teas

We love highest quality, premium teas to drink, and we have the expertise to evaluate and source or gather herbs in their nutritional and energetic peak stage. Once we figured out we are able to source, dry, and package properly enough tea to share with the public, we just had to do it!. We cannot promise these teas will be an ongoing offering, it all depends on each year's harvest. If wild goldenrod in remote yet accessible to us unsprayed meadows is plentiful in a given year, we will have tea for you. If a trusted supplier calls that their nettles are particularly radiant and plentiful a particular summer, we will sell you loose nettle tea. Right now, enjoy the 2017 harvests of goldenrod (whole flower heads!), spring dandelion leaves, and summer yellow variety small-farm chrysanthemum flowers.