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Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea

$ 28.00

Our limited-edition chrysanthemum flower tea is a premium variety grown on a small farm in the countryside near Hang Zhou, China. 

Chrysanthemum bud or flower tea is a fundamental folk medicine in China. In many homes, chrysanthemum tea is drunk daily for ongoing maintanance of health and recommended especially in the evening, to help one unwind at the end of the day and to fall asleep more easily. It is also used to maintain and improve eyesight, to reduce fever, and to help survive oppressively hot summer days. Chrysanthemum flowers are generally cooling and relaxing, but not sedating. The buds are much more cooling than the open flowers and for this reason they are used more sparingly or else they may be too cooling and weakening to individuals who do not have excess heat or when drunk during cold seasons. For these reasons, our first chrysanthemum tea is the open-flower variety that is universally appropriate and beneficial and not overly cooling. The flavor is also milder, never bitter, which can be the case with a strong tea made of chrysanthemum buds. 

Chrysanthemum tea is also recommended in inflammatory conditions, such as eczema or rosacea, and it is very helpful during sinus infections or when experiencing hay fever. 

Lightly yellow-floral, refreshing, cooling, very mellow, almost pleasantly metallic.

Whole yellow open chrysanthemum flowers.

Directions for Use
Take a small or larger handful and place inside a tea pot or tea mug. For a full experience of the chrysanthemum flowers, try brewing in a clear glass cup to appreciate the beautiful flowers as they open in the hot water. Brew the herbs using freshly boiled, filtered water. Steep covered for 10 minutes. Add honey or agave nectar if desired. The open flowers can be brewed twice.

80 grams or 2.82 ounces

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