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Goldenrod Herbal Tea

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We are able to offer a truly unprecedented quality goldenrod tea this fall and winter. We hand-collected meadow goldenrod in more remote areas in Washington state in the early stage of blooming late in the summer (making sure we leave plenty of blooms behind so that they can reseed for next year). The flower stems were shade dried whole, and then the flower heads were trimmed. What you receive is stunningly beautiful whole flower heads carefully arranged in a recycled-fibers sturdy cardboard box. We suggest that you brew one flower head at a time, ideally pacing it in a larger, clear tea pot, to savor the unfurling and brightening of the flowers as they brew. 

Goldenrod is known as a kidney balancer as well as a diuretic, improving the secretions and kidney function. Herbalists recommend it for drinking regularly to maintain health of the urinary tract system and to prevent UTIs. It is also helpful to clear bouts of "kidney acne" characterized by many small often red pimples, and for irritated skin with reddish dry patches. Some herbalists suggest goldenrod for menstruation problems such as cramping and excessive bleeding. Goldenrod is lightly cooling and it assists the body in healing from mild infections. Ava recommends it if one has a tendency toward environmental allergies, especially hay fever and cat allergies, and during dark months for sun deficiency. It is a medicinal herb but it can be used recreationally without a supervision by an herbalist or naturopath. It is beneficial for the lungs and for stimulating stomach secretions. (Based primarily on The Book of Herbal Wisdom by Matthew Wood.)

Sunny-floral, a touch sweet, mellow.

Flowering heads of wildcrafted Washington Solidago canadensis (Canada goldenrod).

Directions for Use
Take a small or larger handful or a single flower head, if applicable, and place inside a tea pot or tea mug. Brew the herbs using freshly boiled, filtered water. Steep covered for 10 minutes. Add honey or agave nectar if desired.

40 grams or 1.41 ounces

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