Potent and Healing, Organic Beauty

Summer Essentials

Our recommendations for well-rounded yet uncomplicated routines for the summer: in the morning, start with Cistus and Moonlight Mist, then choose one aloe-based serum (Nap in the Meadow, Carrot-a-Day Classic or Sensitive) and then apply a blend of Ruby Facial Oil and Farizad's Veil sun protective powder. 

In the evening, cleanse with Marshmallow Suds Cleanser, then use Cistus and Moonlight Mist. Next apply an aloe based serum of your choice (Nap in the Meadow or one of the Carrot-a-Day serums), and then use Ambrosia del Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer (lightweight option) or Marigold Fields Moisturizer. Passion Eye Serum under the eyes. 

Once to three times a week, use a facial mask. If time allows, add Aphrodite Facial Steam before each mask session.