Summer Routine

For the hot summer months and for your travel needs, we are focusing on light, cooling, cleansing, and refreshing products for daytime: wipe your face or mist with Cistus and Moonlight Face Mist, pat in the aloe-based serum Nap in the Meadow, then follow with a blend of Ruby Face Oil and breathable and light sun protector Farizad's Veil. In the afternoons, whenever time permits, make a facial steam with Selene and follow with Catharsis Mask or Sungod Mask. The masks complement each other and offer the most benefits when you alternate them both: Catharsis firms the skin and speeds healing of microbial infections (such as acne breakouts, some types of rosacea, and cold sores), and Sungod strengthens and rebuilds healthy skin tissue. For the night routine, we recommend a layer of the reparative carrot-seed-based Resiliency serum, and then follow with Magical Babassu oil to counteract the drying effects of a lot of sun and to enhance elasticity of the skin.