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A Night for Green Beauty

A Night for Green Beauty


We’re excited to announce Earthwise Beauty has won 'Best Face Serum' for Nap in the Meadow Face Serum, making us one of the official ANFGB Award Winners 2019! Our product was a standout in its respective winning category. It was tried and tested by a team of industry professionals.

Earthwise Beauty participated in A Night For Green Beauty 2019. This is an annual brand-focused event for the people creating green beauty and the fans that love it. Each participating brand is carefully screened for approval and must meet a discerning criteria that includes: a non-toxic INCI list, lovely packaging, concise brand message, company integrity, and product efficacy.

The event took place August 1, 2019. The best and brightest group of green brands online gathered to become part of a global community celebrating safe and effective personal care products and the incredible people making them.

Upcoming event: A Night For Green Beauty will be in attendance at the WELL Summit in Brooklyn, New York on October 18th and 19th, 2019. Events and schedule have not yet been posted but will be available on the ANFGB web site as the event approaches. Updates will be posted here