Potent and Healing, Organic Beauty

Brand Ambassador

We carefully select and enjoy working with passionate individuals who are enthusiastic about our potent and healing, organic skin care products. We are always on the look-out for vibrant and authentic souls that identify as any of the following:

  • Green Beauty Blogger

  • Holistic Practitioner

  • Eco-Minded Make-up Artist

  • Organic Beauty Esthetician

If you truly connect with our brand, care deeply about unrefined, unprocessed fair-trade ingredients and covet lovingly-handcrafted products, then please fill out the form below. We would love to hear from you!



Thank you very much for submitting your application. We apologize that we are no longer able to respond to every applicant due to the large number of inquiries we receive. Only those that meet our requirements, are a good fit with our philosophies, and an ideal match for our current marketing needs will be contacted.

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