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Cruelty Free, Vegan + Honey

At Earthwise Beauty, we pride ourselves on our commitment to protecting animals and the environment. We have never in our history tested on animals, nor do we accept suppliers who test their ingredients on animals. We are delighted to be certified cruelty free by three highly respected organizations: Logical Harmony, PETA (Beauty without Bunnies program), and by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (Leaping Bunny database). Additionally, we are supporting members of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Most of our products are vegan, but in those that are not, the only animal product we use is carefully sourced, organic, humanely harvested raw honey. We have gone to great lengths to vet and hand-select a small supplier for our honey who loves what he does and treats his bees with care and respect.

In industrial honey production, bees are often subjected to unnatural and stressful living conditions, and can be harmed or killed during the honey-gathering process. By contrast, we source all our honey from a California beekeeper who raises his bees and harvests the honey using humane practices. He harvests only the surplus honey, and if there is a drought, will not harvest at all to ensure that the bees never go hungry (honey is only a side to their business). The frames with honey are removed gently from the hives by hand and transferred to a workshop where the honey is removed from the frames. 

We are also working on a new face mask that will feature wildflower pollen sourced from the same small California business that supplies our honey. The flower pollen is obtained without harming or stressing the bees using a mesh pollen trap at the entrance of the hive. When a bee comes to the hive loaded with pollen and enters through the mesh, some of the pollen falls off because the mesh is not big enough for the bee to fit through with all the pollen. The bee enters the hive with whatever pollen is remaining, while the pollen that fell off is trapped in the pollen trap to be carefully harvested.

All of our honey and flower pollen is 100% natural, organic, and is delivered straight from the hives to us with no additives or processing.


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