Customer Reviews: Carrot-a-Day Face Serum, Classic

4/25/2018 by Ananya Rao-Middleton
Simply wonderful!
I bought the carrot a day serum as well as marigold fields face moisturizer and they’re both absolutely wonderful. Carrot a day has got my scarring fading day by day, and I can’t get over what a GLOW marigold fields gives my skin. So happy I bought these, thank you!


12/30/2017 by Alejandra Zamudio
My face is very sensitive and I have tried so many products. But I could finally say I found the perfect skin care for my adult acne prone skin. Customer service is just AMAZING!!!


12/23/2017 by Lee
Always I've been using Carrot-a-Day for 9 yrs.
I sometimes put it aside and try other products as the season change but I ALWAYS come back to this and my skin immediately responds. Its makes it soft, clear, fine lines diminish, sun spots fade..i can not say enough good things about this product. I hope it continues to be in the EB line.


9/27/2017 by Shannon Schmidt
Reduces Redness
I had purchased carrot– a – day previously, but I thought that it gave me a rash so I stopped using it. Then I later realized that it was a different product that did this, so I tried it again and loved it. I am not super excited about the smell, but the benefits outweigh the scent. I only wish that it was less expensive.


8/23/2017 by Joanne Adams
I begin each & every day with this wonderful product! It is so refreshing to my skin, absorbs beautifully I love it.


7/16/2017 by Lauren Sharpe
Dream serum
I adore this serum! It visibly makes my skin look healthier immediately after applying it. I highly recommend it to those trying to correct scarring and other types of problematic skin. It's also worth trying a sample to make sure that you're not too sensitive to the high amount of carrot seed oil as there is an option for those with more sensitive skin. There was one time when I applied it underneath my eyes and the skin became red. However, this only happened one time and I've continued to use it on my face for several weeks with great results! It's a potent product that I would describe as very healing and corrective so a little goes a long way!


11/17/2016 by Leslie A
Carrot Eye and Face Gel
This wonderful gel erases my fine lines and leaves my skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Sometimes I combine it with Amazing Basic when I want extra moisture. A must-have for any woman over 35.


10/26/2016 by Klára Müllerová
It annoys me way across the ocean, pay duty, but I want it again! Fortunately, The First Time I Accidentally ordered two packs :-)


10/23/2016 by Daniela DiSalvo
Really liking it so far
I'm noticing smoother and brighter skin under the eye. So far it's great!


10/19/2016 by Andree Carmelita
Carrot wonder
I have been using the Carrot serum for a little over a month and I must say it has become a staple in my skincare routine. I am not a morning person however, the serum brightens my face and I look like I had a full 8 hours of beauty sleep with a youthful, vibrant glow. I am so happy to have stumble upon this and will continue to use!


8/8/2016 by Ashlynn Kaplan
Very effective, Highly potent serum!
I first sampled Carrot A Day and loved how effective it was for my post-acne hyperpigmentation and eye brightening, tightening effect! The sample lasted me about one week and I used a thinner layer atop damp skin. It absorbs so quickly and also feels very hydrating. They scent is heavy of carrot seed oil and slightly of Helichrysum. the consistency feels like a somewhat thicker gel, however, it applies very thin and spreads well. Several months later I decided to buy a full size of this serum! Upon first use, I experienced some redness right away where I had applied it (PM routine). Ava instructed me to apply in the morning routine only so I did this. I still experienced redness, but it was random. Some days my skin accepted it and others it surely did not. This is my only reason for giving this serum 4 stars. The redness was associated with very slight soreness and tingling. It seems my skin likely developed an allergy/intolerance to carrot seed oil, since I am not able to use my own carrot seed facial oil. This is tragic as this serum is so effective for dark spots and under eye skin tightening! I do recommend giving it a try perhaps more than one sample to see how it works for you!


8/4/2016 by Lindalu19
Carrot a Day.
This is a fantastic serum for all skins!! Carrot is amazing for the skin and this serum is loaded with it. There are no useless fillers in any of the products from this brand. This is not often the case with mainstream skincare. Ava & team do it all by hand in small batches. All products are cruelty free and created with love and passion for organic ingredients. My hope is to purchase more products in future. This is a company that has earned my loyalty & my cash!!!!


7/23/2016 by Beauti_fit_girl
A carrot a day keeps the wrinkles away
This is an amazing lightweight serum. I put it under my eyes covered with an eye oil every night, and the serum alone during the day. It's perfect under other serums and oils because it sinks right in and is like a second skin. And it smells wonderful!! Highly, highly recommend <3


7/1/2016 by Ira Salataj
This serum is very good for my normal to dry, sensitive and very acne prone skin. It dries almost matte (and quite fast), but without leaving your face dry whatsoever, and it soothes every inflammation or pimple you might have. Works great under makeup too. Highly, highly recommend :)


4/9/2016 by Joelle Love
Love this stuff!
It works great!


3/11/2016 by Carolyn
Carrots a day
I believe this gel-like product is good for the skin. But, not super moisturizing which makes it great for under eye treatment particularly if milia prone. Seemed to help with under eye puffiness as well as fine lines. While the spearmint oil gives the gel a refreshing feel, it does have a strong smell. Caused no adverse effects on my sensitive, acne prone skin.


2/27/2016 by Melissa
Great for around the eyes
I have been using this product for a few weeks and I love it. I use it mostly around my eyes and eyebrows. The weather has been rather cold lately and I often get dry skin on my eyebrows and this really helps. Plus I have noticed a difference in the puffiness under my eyes after using this product.


2/12/2016 by Candice Stevens
Great for hyperpigmentation!
This is fantastic for lightening pigmentation! I bought is for my daughter who has been struggling with acne, but I have been using it daily! In about three weeks I have noticed a remarkable difference in my skin! I am a licensed esthetician and have tried SO many different products. In the last year I have been switching all of our skincare to natural and organic. This is my favorite! It has worked wonders for my skin and my daughters.


1/3/2016 by Shannon Schmidt
wish it worked for me
I was very excited to try this product. However, after a few days of use, I noticed that my skin started reacting to some of the ingredients -- possibly the mint or the carrot. In the past, I have sometimes had a reaction to products that use carrots. I did start to see some of the benefits, but I had to discontinue using it because of the breakouts.


12/5/2015 by Brigid Sandell
heaven in a tub
I absolutely love this product. It is soothing, gentle and powerful. I noticed an immediate decrease in puffiness around my eyes and my skin is smoother, calmer and much more even in tone....and that's all after only 3 days! Cannot recommend this product highly enough. Amazing!


10/21/2015 by Ila Wenaus
I love using this serum under my eyes in the morning. I keep it in my fridge and apply it cold. It is soothing and decreases the darkness under my eyes. I also use it on my neck, and all over my face when my face is feeling dry. It works very well as a primer under cream foundation. Amazing product!!


10/9/2015 by Alexis Jones
Carrots are good for the eyes, right?
Best face, especially under eye area, serum I have ever used by far. I've gone through neutrogena, clean and clear, kiss my face, burts bee's, so on and so forth without any results. Within just the past few weeks my skin has gone from drab to dab in the shortest amount of time. I work in the kitchen and cooking all day leaves my skin with an oily residue from sweat and the heat of the grill. I noticed within just the first week of using the product, I wasn't leaving work with oil residue across my forehead and down my nose (t-zone area). I absolutely lose and adore this product and will forever continue to pamper my face and skin with it!


10/8/2015 by Daviana
I am so drawn, and in love with carrot a day. This product has cleared my entire face, and helped even my skin tones!!! This is not a joke. I used to have large, visible, pores (embarrassing), to noticeably brighter, healthier baby soft skin. I haven't had a breakout in a very long time, and i only use this product once a day. Miraculously done.


9/14/2015 by Moira Cavell
Amazing Product
I ordered this product in hopes of lightening my hyperpigmentation as well as old hormonal acne scars. I use this both day and night and have noticed a VISIBLE difference in not only my discoloration by my skins overall texture. It firms and plumps almost instantly and feels wonderful on the skin. As a makeup artist it is essential to have products that work for a flawless application. I keep it in the fridge and it’s a double whammy on any swelling in the morning. I HIGHLY recommend this product and will continue to keep it in my organic skincare routine!! You will NOT be disappointed!


8/8/2015 by Joanne Adams
I would never start my day without this rich, delicious cooling face & eye serum HIGHLY recommend!!!!


8/7/2015 by Kelsie
Carrot A Day
This serum is ultra-light and can be used all over the face for incredible skin regenerating effects. It is literally packed with carrot seed oil; high in beta-carotene, making it suitable for all skin types, including acneic skin. It also contains lots of anti-inflammatory blue chamomile and helichrysum which work wonders on scarring, spots and reversing wrinkles. Aloe Vera and Spearmint also feature, offering cooling and depuffing qualities. I apply a few dots to my forehead, cheeks and chin, and marvel at the way it rapidly absorbs as I massage it in, leaving zero residue. I have noticed that my skin tone is now a lot more even, and a scar I have had for two years now between my eyebrows is now much less noticeable. I need a moisturiser after using this, as I have dry skin, but I think those with oily skin might find this is enough.


6/9/2015 by Katie Seifert
Refreshing and beneficial
I have had a sample of this in my fridge for a couple of months that I received with a previous order, and I can't believe I hadn't tried it!! I typically use a facial oil as my moisturizer in the dry weather of AZ, but now that it's getting much warmer I find myself needing something lighter. This stuff is it! It is so refreshing first thing in the morning, and after using for a week I can already tell a difference. I also love that this is an eye product that doesn't irritate my eyes while I'm wearing my contact lenses. I recommend this and all of the wonderfully made products in this line. Thank you, Ava! :)


5/13/2015 by Joanne Adams
Carrot a Day
I would never start the day without this cool, soothing treatment. It is SO refreshing & moisturizing & best of all you can use this around the eye area!


4/20/2015 by christina espinosa
powerful lovely stuff
Needed something strong to hydrate my eyes when I don't get enough sleep or am stressed, this has worked great for that (worn overnight or with a mask) and I've also used it all over my face under my moisturizer during the day. This stuff has a tingly sensation as it absorbs and I was worried it might irritate, but I have never experienced redness or anything with my sensitive skin, nor breakouts which is fantastic. Really recommend this stuff, especially kept in the fridge for extra cooling.


3/31/2015 by Emily Suchta
Love it
This product is great. It feels light and clean on the skin. I use it all over my face, not just on the eye area. I used it after getting windburn at the beach and it took the redness and sting right out overnight! A must have product.


3/10/2015 by Jill Caron
First Serum I've Liked!
I wasn't sure about the Carrot a Day at first….didn't see a lot of difference and it tingled. Well, after several days of daily use, I have come to really like it: Fine lines have improved, the areas around my eyes look more hydrated and less puffy. It's also not greasy or sticky, a big plus! I usually don't use an eye cream or serum but this is now part of my regimen.


2/27/2015 by Joanne Adams
Carrot-A-Day Serum
I would never start a day without using this special eye & face serum under my moisturiser. Cool, hydrating & refreshing excellent!!!!


5/6/2013 by Colleen
I'm an esthetician, so always looking for NATURAL that works
So when it comes to looking for clean products, these are all great. no problems with spread ability or feeling like the product was just sitting on my skin. I dab this under my eye and it sinks in, really nice. BUT smells kind of funky. the other products do not have any lingering smell. natural ingredient products do sometimes have a smell based on what is in it, great because no fake perfumes to interfere with what's there. think of how our grandmothers made things. puts a smile on my face.


8/24/2012 by Lee
prompt delivery.


4/23/2012 by Claudia
Great service! Superb product!


1/20/2012 by Dara
Arrived on time and in good condition.


9/28/2011 by Claudia
Best seller!!!!


4/25/2011 by Lee
Fast shipping, superb product.


2/19/2011 by Irina
No problem, delivered on time and in good condition.


11/11/2010 by Anonymous
Perfect everyday under-layer
I love this gel and use it daily, in summer as a light stand-alone eye, face, and neck moisturizer; and in winter as a great nutrient-rich, skin-healthy layer under a heavier moisturizer. It’s herbal scent is fresh and invigorating and makes my skin feel awake in the morning, and the aloe base gives the slight tightening feel of a friendly little lift to mature skin, as well as moisturizing oily skin without greasiness. Even better, Earthwise's high-quality organic/vegan ingredients and earth-and-body-friendly ethos are as refreshing as its products. Highly recommended!


10/18/2010 by Anonymous
Great product!
I highly recommend Carrot-a-Day Face and Eye Gel. I find that it helps smooth lines around my eyes when I have been fatigued. The gel is also soothing and refreshing to my face as well as the eye area.


4/27/2010 by Ruben
Item as described. Honest, reliable seller. Thanks!


11/4/2009 by Maria
the best
This is the best organic products on the market. Respect.


4/25/2009 by Lee
Fast shipping, perfect product. 


11/23/2008 by Lee
skin tags?
Amazing stuff. Really does a job on skin issues - got skin tags? Give this a try.


11/4/2008 by Anonymous
greater than great
This is a wonderful gel. comfortably tightens, great under other moisturizers - I use another for sun protection. A little goes a long way. nice fresh scent. 2/2009 update to my original review. I've had a small skin tag in the crease of my eyelid forever - since I was a teenager. It was becoming more annoying with age and I was thinking of getting it removed - a simple procedure but they return. THIS GEL MADE IT GO AWAY. No more skin tag. Did the same on my neck. This is fantastic!! 10/2010 this gel has got to be my favorite eye gel. its light, non-sticky, non-irritating and doesn't bother my contact lenses. a little dab and the lack of sleep bags go away. if i had to run out the door without makeup, i would definitely bring this along so that i would at least appear fresh. it’s just wonderful. I like the smaller jar - it just last so long. I also put this on some dry patches - under a layer of vit. c and poof, cleared up. you gotta try it.


10/14/2007 by Anonymous
for eyes only
Will use for eyes and eyes only!!!!! Will not use for face because it is a bit sticky and dry and does not give me that glow that I like!!!!!!!! But will definitely use for the eyes.