Gift Packaging


All our shipments are packaged in gift-appropriate packaging at no extra cost to the customers. We use 100% recycled-content, sturdy shipping boxes and our protective product wrap is elegant, colorful, and also 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. With each order, we include at least one product sample and usually a promotional offer. 

We will make your gift order extra-special if you indicate in a note sent with your order that all or particular items are a gift. We are happy to add a rubber-stamped card with your specified gift note, extra samples, and a ribbon or a pretty twine on each item. 

We will forgo including an order receipt with gift orders so that the recipient not see the prices paid. For this reason, make sure to include your full name in the gift message.

If your order includes items that need to be shipped to different recipients and addresses, include specific instructions with your order as well.