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Using Your Flower and Gem Essences

Thank you for your order from our flower or gem essences collection. If this is your first experience using flower and gem essences, welcome to this relatively up and coming, subtle, quiet, yet powerful modality for deep, permanent shifts.

It may be useful for you to know that essences are most effective if they focus on one area, concern, or direction at a time. You can work with a single flower essence or a blend prescribed by a practitioner (gem essences are typically used as parts of blends to support the movement led by flowers; gems are supportive, strengthening, grounding, or rebuilding, yet they can be described as static). After a bottle or two working on the first concern, you will know when the worry, dilemma, unwanted habit or tendency, or emotional pain is gone and when you are ready to work on something else to keep you growing emotionally, spiritually, in wisdom and insights.

Essences, when used correctly and mindfully, create a movement in the psyche toward better health and balance, and to promote clarity and insightfulness. The changes in your spiritual and emotional health can feel so natural and subtle that your friends and family may notice them before you do. For that reason, we suggest taking notes as you begin your essence regimen: Keeping track of your initial concerns and goals and how you have progressed can help you understand the essences’ benefits, and will allow us to work together to tailor a more effective ongoing course of treatment just for you as you progress on this journey.


Directions for Use

Before each use, activate the essence by holding the bottle in one hand and hitting the bottom of the bottle against the palm of your other hand 3 to 7 times. (This will agitate the essence more effectively than shaking it in the air would.) Taking the essence mindfully, during a moment of quiet and introspection, can help augment its healing effects.

Take 3 drops at a time, either on top of or underneath the tongue 3 times per day. Take between meals, and do not consume with herbs or coffee (allow a few minutes between taking the essence and consuming herbs or coffee).

Or, add 3 drops to your drinking water and sip throughout the day in between meals. This method is particularly recommended for babies and children, for anyone who is sensitive to alcohol or avoiding alcohol, and for those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. You may also add a few drops to your bath or to a single-use amount of a skin care product.

If you received specific instructions from us about how long to take your essence or blend, be sure to follow them exactly. Otherwise, continue taking the essence 3 times per day for a month, or until you finish the bottle.

Store the bottle away from direct sun exposure and excessive heat. Do not store in the fridge or freezer. Store away from essential oils (especially peppermint), coffee, and any other strong smells.


Journaling and Passing on Your Findings

Please let us know how you respond to the essence(s) by emailing or snail-mailing us your thoughts, or filling out the form below. Take notes as you use the essence and send us your observations and comments as soon as you finish your bottle or when decide to pause or discontinue taking a particular essence or blend; record the changes and insights while they are still fresh in your mind. Your feedback, whether positive or negative, is incredibly valuable to help us learn more about the effects of the essences we use in our practice.

We suggest that you take only the essence or essence blend we have prescribed, as adding other flower or gem essences could cloud your results and make it difficult to accurately track your progress.


Flower and Gem Essence Questionnaire

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