Potent and Healing, Organic Beauty

Flower and Gem Essences

Earthwise Beauty flower and gem essences now have their own web site pnwessences.com. The collection of essences is even larger than previously (and continually growing), and now includes single flower essences, single gem essences, several blends (including the environmental-flower blend Spring Meadow), several aura mists, and our most popular offering, custom blends created by herbalist Ava Zhan for a client's specific needs.

In case you wonder why we decided to separate our skin care line and our essences: we have found that while our long-time customers enjoyed having one place to order their beloved skin care products and an essence or two, people who have just found us through a search engine, who have just learned about us from Instagram or from a blog, were confused. Our offering was so wide-raging, they didn't know where to start. Having two web sites allows us to customize each web site's structure to help you find your answers and your best fitting products fastest. 

If you have questions about flower and gem essences in general and about ours specifically, see FAQ on the pnwessences site. If any pressing questions remain, e-mail info@pnwessences.com. If you have questions about the custom blends, how this process works, see Consultations.

We are thrilled to expand our product offering, keeping all of the products earth-connected and focused on healing. Whether you are visiting the Earthwise Beauty web site or the Pacific Northwest Essences web site, the same team of women answers your e-mails and packages your orders with care and attention to artistry and detail.