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On his blog Just Ask Arjun, Australian green beauty blogger Arjun raves, “What I find amazing about Earthwise Beauty is that their products are unlike anything else on the green beauty market. Ava uses very unusual ingredients in unique ways, and I really admire that about the brand. This unique approach is reflected in their packaging, which is colourful and instantly recognisable. People seem to either love it or hate it: I personally like it for the fact that it makes the brand instantly recognisable (and gives it personality) in what has become an endless sea of Miron glass bottles.

Trish from ScentHive discusses the three products from our line that were included in Boxwalla’s June beauty box in her new video, including Ruby Facial Oil—“I love how it feels, I love the texture of it”—and Farizad’s Veil—“I really like this scent a lot…a really fun discovery”—as well as Nap in the Meadow: “I have really fallen in love with this… I really love how it feels on the skin… by far this is my favorite product in this box. I am really into hydrating serums these days and this has definitely become one of my top favorites.” She also shares some of her other favorites and new additions from our line, including Marshmallow Suds cleanser, Ambrosia del Cerrado, and newly-released Sungod Face Mask and Selene Steam, adding, “I love what Ava does and what she stands for.”

On her blog Walking with Cake, Catherine writes, “I was incredibly impressed by the products and the tireless dedication of Earthwise Beauty’s founder, Ava Zhan. One glimpse at her website and I knew that I was in the right place, as each product is carefully and clearly explained in great detail. I spent days perusing the site and understanding Zhan’s creative process while also learning more about the ingredients she sources and tests for each of her creations.”

Andie the Green Queen discusses her trip to visit Earthwise Beauty’s studio in the Pacific Northwest: “It was such an amazing experience, I could totally feel all the vibes, and when I get her products now—I already felt a vibrational connection to the products—I feel it so much more because I actually went there… and it makes me love the products so much more.” She also reviews the contents of Boxwalla’s June box, including Nap in the Meadow, which “has significantly reduced the redness in my face, the acne, everything—I see such a difference in my face when I don’t use this… This is probably my favorite skincare item… of all time.” She describes the scent: “It literally does smell like a nap in the meadow… It’s like you’re walking through a meadow in the woods. Flowers, all the plants, it smells absolutely amazing.” And she reviews Ruby Oil—this oil is so different… so lightweight and hydrating, in such a different way… It really gives your face a glow and it’s amazing for summertime and springtime”—mixed with Farizad’s Veil: “I’ve worn this many, many times outside and I’ve never had a sunburn when I’ve used this, so I can attest to its efficacy.”

Jana at Small Bits of Loveliness reviews the three products featured in the June Boxwalla box. They include Nap in the Meadow: “packed with anti-inflammatory, brightening and very hydrating ingredients… I had and used two bottles of it and loved it deeply,” Ruby Facial Oil: “one of the most beautiful everyday face oils and just the perfect summer oil,” and Farizad’s Veil: “a very interesting and unique sunscreen powder.” She writes, “the three products go perfectly together and I couldn’t have been more pleased.”

Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty demonstrates how uses the three items from Boxwalla’s June box in her daily routine. She begins with Nap in the Meadow, “my favorite Earthwise Beauty product… so cool and refreshing… so great for brightening, so great for redness, just such a beautiful facial serum. I love this serum to death.” Next she combines Ruby Facial Oil with Farizad’s Veil, and raves, “The two mixed together smells so wonderful… as long as you get the ratio right, there’s no issue of white cast... My skin is moisturized now, and it’s sun-protected, and it smells really good… I really, really love using these two together.”

Green beauty blogger Shahrzad of The Spot Beauty writes, “I tried and recommend the following beautiful ritual to protect, heal, and nourish your skin: Firstly start with the Nap in the Meadow… its refreshing herbaceous scent is simply calming. It is lovingly made with the purest essences and essential oils that help hydrate and heal skin. Once applied you can instantly see it clears your complexion. Then it can be layered perfectly with the Ruby facial oil. The scent of this oil is absolutely divine—think tropical guava and fresh florals. The gorgeous aroma is highly addictive—you will want to apply this every day! Optionally this face oil can be effortlessly mixed with Farizad’s Veil.”

On Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog, Lola raves about Boxwalla’s June box, “I am thrilled by this introduction to Earthwise Beauty.” She reviews Ruby Facial Oil: “It leaves skin soft, remarkably supple, silky smooth, dewy and with pronounced radiance,” as well as Farizad’s Veil: “I am quite excited by its efficacy and its lovely texture.” And she calls Nap in the Meadow “a wonderful tactile and sensory experience… lusciously hydrating… a really special serum that is truly unlike anything else that I have tried.”

At The Cruelty Free Vanity, Eli includes Ambrosia del Cerrado in her daily skincare routine for the warmer months: “My go-to summer moisturizer… so lightweight.”

Blogger Molly at Maison Pur reviews Earthwise Beauty’s collaboration with Boxwalla this June: “I’ve known of this brand for a while, but I had no idea how unique and effective their products are. After spending some time with the products in the June box and researching their brand a bit, I’m very impressed by the purity and formulations they use. Boxwalla describes these products as the skincare equivalent of cold-pressed juices and now I see why!”

This Organic Girl received her June Boxwalla box and writes, “I started using Earthwise Beauty’s Nap in the Meadow, Ruby Face Oil and Farizad’s Veil and I got punched in the face with efficiency, potency, innovation, experience… I am so thankful (and starting to sweat a little now that I am running low) that Boxwalla introduced me to this real deal line.”

Mercy reviews the June Boxwalla beauty box, containing three of our products, on her blog, Green by Mercy. Of Nap in the Meadow, she writes, “I really love the calming ingredients it contains… I could stare at this serum all day, and oh, how I love its incredibly fragrant yarrow scent!” She finds Ruby Facial Oil to be “a great option for hot days… gives my skin a hint of a glow and no oily/greasy sheen,” and she enjoys the “lovely soft veil finish” of Ruby mixed with our Farizad’s Veil SPF powder.

Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty spotlights Earthwise Beauty and shares her top five products, including Aphrodite Facial Steam: “I love this steam… I find this one so much more moisturizing than a lot of the other facial steams I’ve tried… it leaves my face feeling plump and moisturized and hydrated.” Of our Marshmallow Suds Face Cleanser, she raves, “I love this cleanser for so many reasons. It’s moisturizing, it’s nondrying, it’s nonstripping; it feels really good on the skin.” She uses Catharsis powder mixed in with her Marshmallow Suds and finds it to be “really, really great for redness,” and also loves our Blackstrap Molasses Mask: “The first time I used this I fell absolutely in love with it. I saw a brightening difference on the very first use, and I continue to use this as often as I can because I do love the effect this has on my skin.” Finally, Nap in the Meadow is her “number-one favorite product from Earthwise Beauty… it’s a beautifully-crafted product, it’s beautiful to look at, and it does a lot of really great things… it’s a really great serum for reducing redness, for evening skin texture, for softening, for nourishing, for hydrating.”

Tricia shares her impressions of Earthwise Beauty on her blog, Ni Hao New York: “What sets the line apart is Ava's use of hard-to-find and often barely known medicinal plants, with formulas that tend to the richer and earthier. Her products are made from unrefined, unprocessed food-grade natural ingredients, traditionally prepared herbs, and aromatherapy-grade essential oils, developed to appeal to modern sensibilities in terms of texture, feel, color and scent. Everything is laboriously handcrafted in small batches in her studio in Spokane, WA and her dedication to sustainability is evident throughout the manufacturing process from ingredient sourcing and product development to packaging and shipping materials. What the brand represents to me, on a deeper level, is an invitation to the world of slow beauty, putting behind the demands of a fast-paced world for quick fixes and unattainable perfection. It is an exhortation to slow down, create time and space to practice self-care and expand your notion of beauty and wholeness.”

Portland, Oregon beauty vlogger Lacy reviews our Carrot-a-Day Face and Eye Serum in her empties video from May 2017: “I love it so much, I bought it in the huge two-pack… Really soothing and cooling, and it’s going to be perfect for summer, I might not even need any oils or other moisturizers on top of it. And then in winter I really liked it as my first serum layer on my face.”

Pacific Northwest Body Oil is Eli of The Cruelty Free Vanity’s current favorite body oil: “This body oil sinks in faster than any oil I have tried and it makes getting ready a smooth process. I also want/need my body oil to nourish my skin, not just hydrate it or moisturize it, this oil does exactly that. It’s packed with deep nourishing ingredients that not only nourish but also soften, heal, and firm my skin.” She also loves its scent, “the perfect balance between earthy and slightly sweet… I love catching a whiff of the scent throughout my day, it makes me smile. Overall I’m in love with this oil and it’s doing wonders to my skin… it keeps my skin moisturized even a day after I apply it. My skin is softer and looks healthier.”

Portland-based green beauty blogger Trish shares her favorite foaming and cream cleansers: “I am so thrilled to have” Marshmallow Suds Face Cleanser… “This is one of those foaming cleansers that is super-silky and feels really, really gentle. This is probably one of the most silky, smooth, softening foaming cleansers that I have ever used. It does not strip in any way, in fact my skin still feels really smooth and just nourished after I use this.”

On her blog Small Bits of Loveliness, Jana writes, “Ruby Facial Oil has been my everyday oil for the last couple of weeks and I have to say I'm impressed. It is the perfect oil for warmer and sunny months… I love that Ruby contains so many beautiful antioxidant-rich and non-comedogenic oils, and also because some of the oils have some sun-protective qualities. Love that! Based on these ingredients it truly is the perfect oil for summer.”

Lacy of green beauty vlog Lacy Nose Best’s very first “Empties” video in March 2017 features our Nap in the Meadow Serum: “I love it… I absolutely adore this product. Yes, I would repurchase this.”

Eli of The Cruelty Free Vanity features two Earthwise Beauty products among her current “vegan obsessions.” She shares how Nap in the Meadow has helped with facial redness: “this really helps to tone [the redness] down and calm it, and relieves any itchiness.” And she finds our new Pacific Northwest Body Oil “super-lightweight but also packed with ingredients that are very nourishing for your body.” “The scent is really intoxicating” and Eli says her skin feels “moisturized… even the next day.”

Kalimita Sparkling Secrets features Earthwise Beauty’s Tangerine Skies Facial Oil, Catharsis Cleanser and Mask, Ferns and Moss Serum, Marigold Fields Moisturizer, Nap in the Meadow Serum, Blackstrap Molasses Mask, and Passion Eye Serum in her “100% Green and Cruelty-Free USA Haul” video (in French).

In her Best of Skincare video, Andie the Green Queen says if she had to stick to only one skincare brand, it would be Earthwise Beauty: “I really love a lot of products from Earthwise Beauty and she creates some of my favorite products… one of my favorite skincare brands.” She also features our Blackstrap Molasses Mask as her favorite “one-and-done” mask: “I love this mask for detoxing… I really feel like it pulls everything out, and does a good job at plumping your skin and giving your skin life.”

The Cruelty Free Vanity’s latest Vegan Empties video includes several rave reviews for our products, including Marshmallow Suds: “I love this face wash… very gentle… especially for the winter,” and Nap in the Meadow: “by far the best facial serum ever invented… I cannot live without this.” Eli also loves our Ambrosia del Cerrado, “an amazing moisturizer for the summer,” and Green Leaves & Co.: “I fell in love, it’s a really, really good facial oil, especially for acne-prone skin.” And she uses Marigold Fields “day and night, all year round; it’s really, really amazing: hydrating, moisturizing, healing, amazing ingredients, amazing brand—I just cannot shut up about this moisturizer.”

Australian blogger Kelsey tests out our new Passion Eye Serum: "After a few weeks, I noticed how smooth, fresh and strong the skin around my eye area looked! Because I feel that my skin doesn't feel or look as thin also, this has also helped with dark circles. Fine smile lines are diminished, and the texture of my skin is greatly improved. That is also the reason I've been massaging a little onto my lips, too. It really helps with fine lines and also keeps my eternally-parched lips more supple. I just pat a little (and I mean TINY) under my eyes and on my lids up to the brow bone each night before bed, and voila!”

Green beauty blogger Kalimita features Nap in the Meadow Face Serum and Tangerine Skies Facial Oil in her “Green Faves March 2017” YouTube video (in French).

The Cruelty Free Vanity names two of our products to her “Best in Cruelty Free & Vegan Beauty of 2016” list. About Nap in the Meadow, Eli raves, “my skin just loves it so much—I feel like it just drinks it in and absorbs it really nicely, and it’s very hydrating and very healing as well.” And she also loves Marigold Fields moisturizer: “It smells super yummy… I kind of just want to drink it, but I know I shouldn’t…. It’s very moisturizing, very hydrating, very soothing; it does repair my skin; I feel like it really does help my skin stay very balanced as well.”

The Irish blog Green Life in Dublin offers an in-depth review of our brand, featuring Marshmallow Suds Cleanser (“I really enjoy it”), Passion Eye Serum (“what a great product!”), and Nap in the Meadow (an “instant fave”). Renata writes, “If you are just starting with Earthwise Beauty, I recommend you start with this product [Nap in the Meadow] as it is truly fabulous and you will be able to see results immediately.… I took a break from it for a few days, and immediately saw a change in my skin for the worse, it became red and textured again, so at this moment in time I declare it one of my Holy Grail products and I never want to be without it, ever!”

Andie the Green Queen thinks Ava is “magical; she creates such amazing products, and I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to ingredients that I’ve never heard of or would have ever tried, and for just changing my skin.” She includes two Earthwise Beauty products in her Best of 2016 list: she touts Nap in the Meadow’s anti-inflammatory and anti-redness properties, and says, “I’ve seen such a difference in my skin’s texture since I’ve started using this… It’s a step that I will not skip.” And she loves how Ferns & Moss “melts into my skin and keeps me moisturized all night…. You’ll use it over time and your skin just keeps getting better and better and better, it is very, very healing and very comfortable.”

Vegan beauty YouTuber Linda at lindalu19 calls Earthwise Beauty her “number-one brand” for skincare products, and provides a detailed review video of our products. She says our Ferns and Moss Serum is “worth every penny… the most moisturizing, the most quality product, packed with active ingredients for aging skin.” Carrot-a-Day and Ambrosia del Cerrado are her “go-to” products for summer, and she calls Marigold Fields “beautiful, very moisturizing, but sinks right into the skin.” Other favorites include Tangerine Skies (“magic”), Nap in the Meadow (“this stuff is amazing”), and Farizad’s Veil SPF Powder (“genius”). For face wash, Linda finds Marshmallow Suds “very, very soothing to the skin; it cleans everything off, including makeup, and leaves no residue behind.” And she raves about our new Passion Eye Serum: “Oh my God, it’s so amazing… really, really moisturizing.”

Eli features Nap in the Meadow Face Serum and Passion Eye Serum among The Cruelty Free Vanity’s “Current Vegan Beauty Obsessions.” She says, “I’m obsessed with Ava’s products… if you are really into 100% natural products, Earthwise Beauty is a brand you should try.” Eli loves the change Nap in the Meadow has made in her skin, and she raves about Passion: “I have been searching for the perfect eye serum or eye oil, and this is by far the best.”

Kelsey of the natural beauty blog Liberty Green provides a detailed review of Earthwise Beauty’s product line, including Pumpkin and Papaya Face Mask and Scrub, Blackstrap Molasses Face Mask, Nap in the Meadow Face Serum, Green Leaves & Co. Facial Oil, Ferns & Moss Face Serum, and Marigold Fields Facial Moisturizer. Overall, she says, “I cannot impress upon you enough how good Earthwise Beauty skincare truly is… Earthwise is the cream of the crop in my eyes. Each product is SO incredibly effective and potent, and Ava’s honesty and knowledge ensures you know precisely what you’re getting (which makes selecting the right products for you so much easier).”

Andie the Green Queen reviews our newest product reformulations, and shares her Earthwise Beauty new product finds of 2016, including Aphrodite Facial Steam: “I really love this one, probably more than any steam I’ve ever tried”; Nap in the Meadow, Passion Eye Serum, and Cistus and Moonlight Face Mist: “It’s so magical… [the scent is] like everything you could ever wish for… a beautiful, beautiful product.”

Earthwise Beauty features prominently in Jana’s evening skincare routine, as she explains on her blog, Small Bits of Loveliness. After cleansing, she uses Aphrodite Facial Steam, and says, “The hot steam helps to open the pores and the herbs purify and heal the skin. Skin is left super soft and more than ready for face masking.” She follows the steam with “exfoliating, brightening, and softening” Pumpkin and Papaya Face Mask and Scrub, “a beautiful product indeed,” and then moisturizes with our Nap in the Meadow serum and Marigold Fields moisturizer. “The combination of the two Earthwise Beauty products is really making my skin super happy and healthy. Love this combo!”

Beauty blogger Tori uses Frightening Green Face Mask to rejuvenate. On her blog, You’re Making All Things Beautiful, she writes, “This is 100% my go-to mask… SO aromatherapeutic, I absolutely love the way it smells. Sometimes I will just leave it on a little longer because it smells so amazing. Honestly my skin loves this so, so much. Very calming when my skin gets mad at me!”

Andie The Green Queen’s Green Beauty Summer Skincare routine includes five Earthwise Beauty products. She loves our Pumpkin and Papaya scrub (“really moisturizing”), Ambrosia del Cerrado (“very soothing”), Marshmallow Suds cleanser (“so gentle… just amazing”), Catharsis mask (“really deep cleansing”), and Aphrodite Facial Steam (“I love it… smells amazing and it has the prettiest flowers… so, so relaxing and so moisturizing”).

Jana offers a flattering review of Nap in the Meadow Face Serum on her blog, Small Bits of Loveliness: “Oh my goodness this product is so good! …It’s super lightweight, almost-liquid and is quickly absorbed into the skin. It packs such a punch to the skin that you wouldn’t believe. It gives my skin a high dose of hydration, it’s very refreshing and cooling, which I find extremely calming. Not only does it feel soothing because of the texture and the fact that I keep it in the fridge; it actually has strong anti-inflammatory benefits…. Obsessed.”

The Peridot Magazine interviews Ava Zhan, the founder of Earthwise Beauty.

On The Cruelty Free Vanity, Eli offers a detailed review of Aphrodite Facial Steam. “I am loving this product,” she says. “A joy to look at… your senses are really going to be awakened with this steam… so relaxing.” She also shows how to use the leftover infusion as a facial spray or toner, an activator for powdered masks, or a hair rinse, which she says resulted in “one of the most relaxing showers I have ever taken” and left her hair “extremely soft.”

Jana of Small Bits of Loveliness calls our Carrot-a-Day Classic Face and Eye Serum a “cute little jar of goodness,” and writes, “it’s extra lightweight and sinks into the skin immediately. It’s very refreshing and slightly cooling, especially if you keep it in the fridge.”

Clean-living blogger Sarita Coren interviews Ava Zhan, the founder of Earthwise Beauty, for her article “What Six Skincare Pros Want You to Know Right Now that the Media Isn’t Telling You.”

Vegan blogger and YouTube reviewer Eli of The Cruelty Free Vanity chooses Green  Leaves & Co. Facial Oil as one of her “desert-island” picks. She says, “This is my absolute favorite facial oil because not only is it refreshing, it has a refreshing scent, it’s very lightweight, it sinks in really quickly, and it also prevents and helps heal acne…. Definitely is a must-have in my collection and I would definitely want to have it with me if I’m deserted on an island.”

Jana recommends Blackstrap Molasses Face Mask to her readers on Small Bits of Loveliness: “If you ever want to try a product based on my recommendation, then this would be it. This mask is seriously good and ticks all the boxes for me. It’s like the description says it is—firming, brightening, smoothing and softening. It really brightens my skin, makes my complexion more even and is just one of those masks you can always count on.”

Eli from The Cruelty Free Vanity enjoys the versatility of Farizad’s Veil SPF 30+ Powder: “If unique, innovative, all natural and crazy good is what you want, then this powder is it. This powder is beyond amazing because not only is it natural, but also made with the highest grade ingredients. It can be mixed with any of your favorite facial oils, moisturizers, body lotions, foundations, etc. Ava, the owner of EWB, is a miracle worker, she always surpasses my expectations with her creations. She didn’t disappoint with Farizad’s Veil.”

Andie the Green Queen takes several Earthwise Beauty products in her carry-on for her trip to the desert, including Marshmallow Suds cleanser, Ambrosia del Cerrado, Marigold Fields moisturizer, and Ferns and Moss serum. She explains that the sample sizes “are great for travel,” and notes, “my skin was actually really, really calm… throughout the whole ordeal, so I really think it had to do with my Earthwise skincare, because it’s potent, and it works, and it’s just the best.”

Jana of Small Bits of Loveliness considers Farizad’s Veil SPF 30+ Powder one of her “Holiday Essentials.” She writes, “Farizad's Veil is simple yet effective. It contains non-nano and uncoated zinc oxide, which is the healthiest, safest and most reliable sunscreen ingredient. Besides the UV protection it's also anti-inflammatory and anti-acne. Yes, please! …Farizad's Veil has a lovely floral scent, it's light and breathable, non clogging and just a wonderful sun protector. Oh and I almost forgot. The way you use this product is to just mix it in the palm of your hand with a bit of a facial oil of your choice… It's a great product.”

Skincare blogger Molly of Skin Ritual Diary uses Frightening Green Face Mask to stay blemish free, especially while traveling. “This face mask is a gem... a masterpiece. …This detoxifying yet gentle mask is good for all skin types and always, I mean always, helps me to get rid of any congestion or blemishes. This clay based mask is exfoliating without any stinging, refining and deep cleansing without any dryness. I use it after a toner and when I wash it off my skin actually feels poreless, blemishes reduced with no redness or irritation. The effect even lasts a day or two…. It’s a must buy and highly recommended product."

Tori at You're Making All Things Beautiful offers a glowing review of Ambrosia Del Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer: "I REALLY like this moisturizer. It's so light and breathable and perfect for summer. It sinks into the skin quickly. The smell is bright with a light fruity/citrus scent. With aloe, pequi fruit oil, and buriti oil, it is anti-aging, and great for oily/acne prone skin. My skin LOVES this stuff."

Andie the Green Queen explains how she uses Farizad’s Veil SPF 30+ Powder with her favorite facial oil. “It is an easy application, it smells amazing, and I do really like the formula. And also, when I’ve been using this I haven’t gotten sunburned on my face, so I know that it’s working.”

Eli raves about Green Leaves & Co. Facial Oil on The Cruelty Free Vanity: “This is the oil that started my obsession with EWB and is by far the best facial oil I have tried for my breakouts...It’s my secret weapon for blemishes.” She writes, “The texture is velvety and light, not greasy at all, [and] the scent is amazing! Not only does it heal the skin but also prevents any blemishes from coming back…. I always recommend this oil to anyone who has issues with acne and I have gotten many of my friends to love it as much as I do.”

Alessandra of Bambi Organics loves the fragrance of Green Leaves & Co. facial oil, "A scent that can easily become a roll-on aromatherapy because the mint relaxes, frees the nose and transports you to what I can define as nirvana! Spectacular! I have no other words."
(in Italian)

Kelsey finds Farizad’s Veil SPF 30+ Powder to be a welcome alternative to traditional sunscreen options. In her review on the blog Wellness by Kels, she writes, “I have been loving this powder as it allows me to use my favourite hydrating moisturisers while also providing sun protection. I feel like this product will encourage more people to use sunscreen as it provides a much more pleasurable consistency than typical sunscreens… I would recommend it to anybody that loves their current facial routine but would like to add some SPF protection into it.”

Andie the Green Queen’s video provides an in-depth overview of our product line. Since she began using Earthwise Beauty, Andie says, “I really have this sense of self-love and self-care that I didn’t have before, and I think that’s due to the energy in the ingredients within all of Ava’s products.” Featured facial oils, serums, and moisturizers include Carrot-a-Day, Ferns and Moss, Green Leaves & Co., Magical Babassu, and Marigold Fields. She also reviews our Marshmallow Suds and Scarborough Fair cleansers and the Blackstrap Molasses, Frightening Green, Pumpkin & Papaya Seed, and Catharsis face masks.


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