Sea Legacy

The organization we have chosen to be the first recipient of our at this time modest monthly contribution is SeaLegacy. It is an organization founded and headed by two renowned nature photographers and activists, Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier. Their mission is two-fold, to work on increasing the awareness of the state of our ocean ecosystems by presenting the world with informative and stunningly beautiful photographs of the earth's nature wonders alongside with easy to grasp bits of information on the state of the particular ecosystems and the steps that are needed to protect them, and to form alliances with other likeminded nature conservation organizations.

SeaLegacy runs the program The Tide, launched in 2017, where everyone can sign up just like we did for an automatic donation to SeaLegacy on a monthly basis. The amount is entirely flexible and can be very small indeed. It is the monthly frequency, the ongoing quality of the support that means so much to the success and growth of this and other nonprofit organizations.


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