Ambrosia del Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer

Lightest moisturizer for oily and acne-prone skin

The Story

The mysterious Ambrosia del Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer, with an irresistible guava-plus-citrus scent, feels like applying yellow dewdrops that are fully charged with unrefined, whole-food (not isolated or factory-produced “nature identical”) nutrients from the superfood buriti, pequi, and moringa oils.

Our idea was to create a formula with that would be truly nourishing, yet ultra light and breathable at the same time, to deliver lots of moisture without a waxy or overly emollient feel. This format is very appealing for the times when the skin is dehydrated but you don't want oil or an emulsion (lotion or cream) on your face because you prefer a lighter feel. By light, we don’t mean “just a little bit effective”: this moisturizer is highly effective in what it is designed to do; you will be amazed by how much and how quickly your skin can absorb in each single application.

We chose a Portuguese name for this product to draw attention to the Cerrado area in Brazil, as this beautiful savanna is considered the biologically richest savanna in the world by the Word Wide Fund of Nature. Earthwise Beauty wants to shine a spotlight on areas of the world that are overlooked or insufficiently known about by the Western world, and that need our attention to protect their natural environment and biodiversity.

We also want to support the indigenous populations of these regions so that their livelihoods will be rewarded and appreciated and their culture will be respected and protected. To that end, we choose fair trade ingredients from these regions, extracted sustainably by small cooperatives using their traditional tools of choice, and we have chosen some of our product names and designs to provoke our customers’ curiosity about these areas, their natural bounty, and their peoples.


Despite its deceptively light feel, this moisturizer is deeply hydrating and nourishing. The carefully-sourced oils chosen for this formula include:

Hand-extracted pequi fruit oil: from the cerrado savanna in Brazil: This unique extract-like oil is rich in vitamin C, betacarotene (which the body converts to vitamin A), and vitamins B1 and B2, all promoting firm, supple, even-toned skin.

Buriti oil: Also from Brazil, which is highly praised for anti-aging results and for improving the appearance of brown spots and scars.

Moringa pod oil: which further aids moisturization and delivers an incredible range of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients (too many to list all of them here, but for starters, it contains betacarotenes, several B vitamins, selenium, and zinc).

We find that skin care products are amazingly skin-compatible with minimal risk of allergic reactions if the vitamins and minerals are included in the form of pure, fresh plant oils, rather than vitamin powders that come in a plastic bag from a cosmetics ingredients supplier.

There are no fragrances added to this formula, not even essential oils, to allow the unique fruitiness of the pequi fruit to come through. Moringa oil provides a complementary green note.



​W hat a golden beauty this product is! The color alone is inviting and the smell...oh the smell! It's a lovely bright fruity guava scent with a zing as the top note. If it was a food I would most definitely eat a lot of it… My skin drinks up each dose as if taking its daily vitamin, only to reveal soft perfectly hydrated and never weighed down skin.

– Jena Halman-Kincaid of



Skin Types

For all skin types. Acne-prone, combination, sensitive, and oily skin types can enjoy hydration without the risk of breakouts or the oily or waxy feel of moisturizers that are too rich for them. Dry and normal skin types will benefit from the nutrients and hydration when using this potion as the first step, before applying a richer cream or facial oil


Cold-press whole-leaf Aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, cold-press unrefined Caryocar braziliensis (pequi) fruit oil†, cold-press unrefined Mauritia flexuosa (buriti) fruit oil†, cold-press unrefined Moringa oleifera seed oil† or *, Sambucus nigra (elderberry) fruit extract, polysorbate 20 (naturally derived), tocopherol (vit. E from non-GMO sunflowers), potassium sorbate (natural food-grade preservative), xanthan gum, ascorbic acid (vit. C), citric acid.

*Certified organic. †Responsibly wildcrafted.

Aloe certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) for purity and content. 

Our polysorbate 20 is carefully sourced and naturally derived (from cornstarch). According to the MSDS sheet (Material Safety Data Sheet) we received from the manufacturer, there are no impurities or hazardous components in this ingredient. We use polysorbate 20 in minimal amounts (0.5–1.5%) to emulsify essential oils and carrier oils into an aloe base. Emulsifying of essential oils is important to prevent "pockets" of essential oils in a product, which could potentially be sensitizing. We are aware of recent concerns over the purity of polysorbates available on the market and are currently testing other naturally derived alternatives.

Certified cruelty free, vegan, handcrafted, small batch, no fragrance added. 


Shake often to remix. Apply generously onto freshly washed face or over your aloe-based serum of choice. Most skin types will benefit from following immediately with an emollient moisturizer, facial oil, or balm. Ideally REFRIGERATE to protect freshness and enhance the cooling, refreshing, and depuffing properties.

Freshness guaranteed for 6 months. Full sizes 1 fl. oz. (30 ml) or 1.7 fl. oz. (50 ml); travel/sample size 0.17 fl. oz. (5 ml).

Due to the very high cost of our ingredients and the labor-intensive (highly time consuming) small-batch production process, we are unable to accept returns of opened or unopened products at this time. But most products have a sample size option for purchase, so we encourage you to buy a sample first to ensure that the product suits your skin's needs and that you enjoy the texture, fragrance, and healing properties.

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Customer Reviews

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Very moisturising

I received a cute sample jar of Ambrosia del Cerrado with my order during Ava's recent rebranding sale. I was pleasantly surprised because I only ordered two travel size items (and on sale too!) and did not expect any samples.
For reference I'm in my mid-thirties, with dry, dehydrated skin, living in the Midwest.I used this product throughout a cold and dry March. I have used mostly green beauty for the last 10 years or so but recently found myself drifting back towards the conventional skincare realm, with both Asian and American products.
This was actually the first product I started using from my order (go figure) and I used up the entire jar (maybe four uses over face and neck). It is a lot richer and more emollient than I expected based on the viscosity of the product. For me, it smells somewhat fruity/woody - putting me in mind of well-polished mahogany furniture in dimly-lit rooms for some reason. The sunny color is lovely and uplifting, perfect for dark mornings. I find that I have to be somewhat sparing with this or my face gets congested. However it does keep my face well-hydrated and works wonderfully when paired with Nap in the Meadow. The smell does dissipate and when paired together with Nap, the fragrance of Nap predominates (for me).

One of a kind

I have been using this moisturizer for 1 month, as a quick pick-me-up after coming home from work. (Ursa major face wipe, ambosia del cerrado, tigress balm.) It is a lovely way to relax in the evening, when it is still too early for a pm routine. My environment is ultra hot and dusty, both extreme humidity and extreme dryness, depending on season. My face drinks this stuff! I will try it in new ways in the future, I’m sure. It seems very versatile! I have to go slow with new products. So far, loving this one.

Excellent Lightweight Moisturiser

Even from the first use of the Ambrosia, I could see why this product is the best-selling amongst all her other products. This is a very easy product to like or even love! The texture of this product is very light and it sinks in quickly into my skin without any fuss. Despite its light texture, this product also offers adequate hydrating powers. If you are a skincare minimalist with oily or combination skin, I suspect that applying this product alone would be enough. For my combination dry skin, I would usually need to top up with either a facial oil or a thicker moisturiser to retain the moisture in my skin whilst being in a drying air-conditioned office.

As with all Earthwise Beauty products, the Ambrosia has a delightful scent that’s reminiscent of ripe guavas in the sunlight. This scent is literally summer in a bottle! Although I’m not sure of the exact reasons why, I’ve also noticed that whenever I used this product in the mornings, my sunscreen spreads incredibly well and sinks in faster than usual. I like this product a lot and would consider repurchasing it.

Love this!

I think I've found my holy grail moisturizer . I've been looking for something that hydrates , yet is very light & non-greasy for my very oily skin . This is probably the last moisturizer I'll have to buy . No more experimenting :) Thank you Ava for making such wonderful products .

After 2 years, I am still here!

I have always felt that toning completes perfect cleansing. I use Ambrosia del Cerrado day and night immediately after cleansing. If my skin needs a bit more of moisture, I use my Marigold Fields on top.
Then on some evenings, I simply cleanse and while my skin is still damp and/or wet, I apply a few drops of Ferns and Moss that I have warmed in my hands. There are no rules when using these products. Your skin helps you decide what you need and when. These products are all such a wonderful treat! :)