Cooling Tea Collection

Set of three cooling, yin herbal teas

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Traditional Chinese Medicine considers certain foods and herbs to be “hot,” meaning they bring heat to our bodies, while others are considered “cool,” or more yin in nature. Cooling teas like the ones in this collection can help to cool the body and balance out excess heat or yang energy. Whether you drink these teas hot or cold, they will offer a balancing effect on the body and may help to alleviate a whole host of heat-related symptoms. The collection includes one box each of organic Chrysanthemum Tea, organic Peppermint Tea, and wild-grown Nettle Tea.

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Chrysanthemum Tea (57 g / 2 oz box) is a whole-flower tea made from chrysanthemums grown on a small family farm in the Chinese countryside. The tea has a refreshing, mellow floral flavor, and is cooling and relaxing to the body. Because yellow chrysanthemums have a strong cooling effect, they are recommended by traditional Chinese herbalists for inflammation and “hot” cold symptoms such as sore throats, fevers, and headaches. Chrysanthemum tea is also ideal for unwinding at the end of the day and encouraging calm, restful sleep.

Nettle Tea (28 g / 1 oz box) is made from whole leaves of stinging nettle, a plant that is considered “cold” in nature by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Herbalists recommend nettle tea to improve the body’s nutrient levels, reduce joint pain, encourage healthy, strong hair, and decrease the effects of pollen allergies. Our nettle tea has an invigorating, almost minty green-bitter flavor.

Peppermint Tea (28 g / 1 oz box) is a perennial favorite for cooling the body and invigorating the mind. Our whole-leaf peppermint tea is strongly minty and refreshing, and can help to improve digestion as well as energizing the mind and cleansing the body’s systems.