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Earthwise Beauty

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Earthwise Beauty is a celebration of the artisan: the California beekeeper who attends to the flower pollen, the women and men who crack the babassu nuts for their oil in Brazilian villages, the traditional oil pressers in Eastern Europe, the family distiller in Portugal, and the woman in Seattle who dyes silk by hand. We are proud artisans, too: we grow most of our herbs and transform them into oils, serums, masks, and teas with barely any machinery beyond a grinder and a blender.

During the holiday season, we are offering slow-packaged boxes dressed with tree lichen and silk. We are proud of the outcome and are happy to share this final touch with all of you who would like us to wrap your gifts. 

A few more details about the packaging components we are using: gift orders are packaged by hand in a recycled-paper box and surrounded by decorative natural elements, such as responsibly wildcrafted old man's beard lichen or other dried lichen, organic dried flowers, or small ponderosa pine branches. 

Each gift box is accompanied by a sturdy note card in an elegant envelope, which the gift giver may use for their own personalized note or which may be written by us if you prefer to ship directly to the recipient. The gift box is wrapped in a 100% silk ribbon hand-dyed by a local Washington artisan. The ribbon's hand-dipped dyeing process creates almost zero waste and generates a stunning work of art, resulting in a unique look with subtle qualities that cannot be produced through traditional ribbon dyeing.

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