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Set for Dry and Mature Skin

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Mature skin tends to be on the dry side, but that is not the rule, so we prepared this set to address a full range of mature skin types, focusing on hydrating, firming, and repairing.

Marshmallow Suds is a soothing, hydrating concentrated cleanser with calendula, marshmallow root, and chamomile. You can use it in the morning and at night. In the morning, follow with Carrot-a-Day Serum on the face and under the eyes and then apply Marigold Fields Moisturizer. If your skin is dry or you would like something richer for the daytime, add a few drops or a layer of Magical Babassu Facial Oil or Ferns and Moss Face Serum. 

In the evening, start by removing makeup. Marshmallow Suds Cleanser will remove most face makeup, although for eye-area makeup removal we recommend using plain lightweight oil without essential oils added (jojoba or coconut oils, organic cold press and unrefined, are excellent for makeup removal). Wipe off with wipes of your choice that have been lightly soaked in pleasantly warm water. 

If you do not wear makeup, just wash your face with a tiny amount of Marshmallow Suds and warm water. Apply Carrot-a-Day Serum if desired and then Ferns and Moss Serum. Under the eyes, apply Magical Babassu Facial Oil if dryness is your main concern, or Ferns and Moss Serum if puffiness, dark under-eye circles, or firming are your top priorities. 

Blackstrap Molasses Face Mask can be used once or twice a week to exfoliate, firm, detoxify, and nourish the skin with carrot seed oil and Bulgarian rose hydrosol, among other ingredients. 

Marshmallow Suds Face Cleanser 4.25 fl. oz. ($58)
Blackstrap Molasses Face Mask 1.2 oz. ($50)
Marigold Fields Face Moisturizer 1.2 fl. oz. ($52) 
Carrot-a-Day Nutritious Face and Eye Serum, Sensitive 1 fl. oz. ($50)
Ferns and Moss Face Serum 0.5 fl. oz. ($60)
Magical Babassu Facial Oil 0.25 fl. oz. ($24)

Total retail price for these products is $294; the set is available for a reduced price of $234.

Other products from our lineup that you may consider are Aphrodite Facial Steam, Farizad's Veil SPF 30+ Powder, Catharsis Face Cleanser and Mask (sensitive skin types should leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes when used as a mask; dry skin types can mix the Catharsis powder with raw organic honey and 2 drops Ferns and Moss Serum for incredible results on many levels), and Nap in the Meadow Face Serum to alternate with Carrot-a-Day as the first, aloe-based hydrating and skin tissue regenerating layer. 

Filled to the brim. Freshness guaranteed for 6 months. 

Certified cruelty free, organic, fair trade, vegan, handcrafted.

Due to the very high cost of our ingredients and the labor-intensive (highly time consuming) small-batch production process, we are unable to accept returns of opened or unopened products at this time. But most products have a sample size option for purchase, so we encourage you to buy a sample first to ensure that the product suits your skin's needs and that you enjoy the texture, fragrance, and healing properties.

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